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For period Area What Nr.sort ascending
08-04-2019 to 10-05-2019 IJmuiden locks Lock passages through the IJmuiden Middle Lock during the closures of the IJmuiden North Lock (see Announcement No. 11/2019) 2019/13
01-04-2019 to 01-05-2019 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Salvage operation of 56 obstacles and car wrecks in the North Sea Canal Area 2019/12
08-04-2019 to 10-05-2019 IJmuiden locks Rectification of announcement 09/2019, Closures of the IJmuiden North Lock 2019/11
12-06-2019 to 14-06-2019 IJmuiden locks Closure of the IJmuiden South Lock 2019/10
20-03-2019 to 21-03-2019 IJmuiden locks Closure of the IJmuiden Small Lock 2019/07

Your ship visit

A cooperation between the captain, the agent and the Harbour Master

Notification of each ship visit must be given 24 hours before arrival in PCS.

We will notify you via email whether you need any additional exemptions or permits.

Consult the dynamic lock planning schedule for the most up-to-date planning information for ships using the IJmuiden North Lock.

Make a public berth reservation, if necessary.

Order the nautical service providers up to two hours before arrival.

Upon arrival, VHF contact between the captain and the Harbour Master is established.

During your stay you can dispose of ship's waste or apply for an exemption or a permit.

Report any berth shifts or departures in time via PCS and order the nautical service providers up to two hours before departure.

Invoices for the harbour dues and for extra services - if any - will be sent to your agent.

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Facts now and after the opening of the world's largest sea lock in 2019.

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Divisie havanmeester

Harbour Master’s Division team

View marine radiotelephony channels.
View telephone number and extension numbers.
For reporting your arrival and departure, operational reports, assistance with permit and exemption applications, hazardous substances, mooring facilities, etc.

Team binnenhavengeld

Harbour Dues Team

View contact options.
For assistance with invoices, payments, direct debit, login/account questions, etc.



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If you have any complaints for or about the Harbour Master Division, please phone the Port of Amsterdam Complaint Line at +31 20 5234666 or use the Online Complaint Form.

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