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Various cocoa activities in one region

Together with Zaanstad, we form the largest cocoa cluster in the world. A diverse collection of companies, because financial institutions, knowledge institutes and NGOs are also active here. Together with all these partners, we are working on an innovative and sustainable cocoa port.

This is why we are leading the way:

  • Major players such as Cargill & OLAM are based here
  • The warehouses are frontrunners in sustainable storage
  • Cooperation with Dutch Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (DISCO)
  • Partnering with governments, companies and NGOs to make the business more sustainable
  • Through international development projects in Ivory Coast and Abidjan, realise sustainable growth and development on location
  • Excellent connections from Amsterdam to the hinterland

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Cocoa region

The port of Amsterdam is one of the world's largest cocoa clusters. From storage to production of chocolate, all activities are located in this region.

Direct connections for cocoa transportation

The port of Amsterdam has excellent hinterland connections (water, rail, road, air) for cocoa transportation.

The Amsterdam port area also offers excellent facilities for inland navigation. Many cocoa terminals are directly connected to frequent barge shuttles into Europe.

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International cocoa projects

Port of Amsterdam International is active in ports on various continents, including Africa.

Port of Amsterdam International works together with the Ivorian ports of San Pedro and Abidjan. The aim is to make the logistics of cocoa sustainable, together with the authorities and (international) customers.

Various projects have been carried out in these ports on the basis of signed cooperation agreements. A mission was also organised in March 2019 with 25 parties, including processors, storage companies, governments, banks and NGOs.

Sustainable cocoa chain


As an Amsterdam port, we are a link in international trade chains, such as the cocoa chain. Mark Hoolwerf, Deputy Director at Port of Amsterdam International, explains how we take our responsibility in this.

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