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Sea Lock: built for the future

The Port of Amsterdam’s new front door

Thanks to the new sea lock, the Port of Amsterdam is assured of a reliable entrance to the North Sea for a long time to come. With this, we can work together with the North Sea Canal municipalities and other parties in the area to develop the port as a sustainable and circular energy and raw materials hub. That’s how we plan to facilitate the necessary steps towards the sustainability of the economy and our society. Learn more about the exact steps below.

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Afvalberg bij AEB

Companies that want to increase their circular activities

The circular industry is given plenty of space to evolve and grow in the port area. For example, we help these companies establish themselves, continuously work on optimising infrastructure and connect new and existing companies to each other so that they can mutually reinforce each other.

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Vervoer over water

Efficient transport to and from the port

Companies in the port area need to transport their goods quickly, safely and traceably to and from the port. That is why we are working on our accessibility by water, road and rail. All whilst continuously improving the exchange of data with all parties involved

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Waterstof aan de pomp

Production and storage of renewable fuels

We want to remain a major energy and fuel port whilst also embracing the future. That’s why we have set our goal to become fully climate-neutral by 2050. With our good hinterland connections, knowledge and infrastructure for blending fuels, and the biobased production facilities near the port, this goal shouldn’t be a challenge. 

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Vervoer over spoor

Investing in a future-proof infrastructure

Besides seeking more and better connections, we are also investing in future-proof infrastructure – both above and below ground. This way goods can be transported quickly and easily to and from the port, by water, road, rail and pipelines. 

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Facts & figures

Sea Lock IJmuiden is the largest sea lock in the world. How big is the lock exactly? And what kind of ships pass through it?

  • Sea Lock IJmuiden is 500 metres long, 70 metres wide and 18 metres deep.
  • Over 630 million litres of water go into the lock. That’s equivalent to 252 Olympic swimming pools. 
  • Ships of up to 399 metres long and 57 metres wide can use the lock.  
  • The new sea lock isn’t dependent on the tide and can be used 24/7.
  • Sea Lock IJmuiden is a replacement for the Noordersluis lock, which was completed in 1929. 

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A personal view on Sea Lock IJmuiden

What is it like to operate the largest lock in the world? And what do local residents actually think of the IJmuiden sea lock? We ask various stakeholders about their relationship with the lock in a series of online videos. Check out the full series on our LinkedIn page and stay tuned.

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A look back on the construction of the IJmuiden sea lock

Sea Lock IJmuiden is one of the largest infrastructural projects in our country. A structure to be proud of. The lock was commissioned by the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), and built by contractors consortium OpenIJ. It was a collaboration between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Province of North Holland, the City of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Velsen and the Port of Amsterdam.

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