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BioPark is the development location for producers of renewable fuels in the port of Amsterdam. BioPark, 20 hectares in size, has a good infrastructure, a deep sea quay and terminals within easy reach for the storage and transport of feedstock and products.


Seven reasons to settle at BioPark

  1. BioPark is an industrial A-location in Amsterdam developed especially for producers of renewable fuels
  2. Together with our partners, we invest in the right energy infrastructure, such as hydrogen, steam, electricity and CO2
  3. BioPark has a deep sea quay of 365 metres long and 12.3 metres deep
  4. Excellent multimodal connections for a wide range of feedstock and product flows
  5. Possibilities for cooperation with nearby terminals for storage, transhipment and the mixing of feedstock
  6. Your residual streams can be valuable feedstock for other customers in the Amsterdam port
  7. team of specialists is ready to assist you throughout the entire establishment process
AMA facility 2.0

Plant to convert non-recyclable waste into methanol has chosen BioPark

Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA) is the first biofuel plant that wil be built at BioPark. The facility will convert previously non-recyclable waste into methanol. The AMA plant will produce approximately 87.5 KTA (kilotons per annum) of renewable methanol a year. This is equivalent to the waste from 290,000 households that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated. The plant is expected to open in 2023.


Established circular companies

Over 1,400 companies and industries are located in the Amsterdam port area. Besides the manufacturing and process industry, companies are prominent in the fields of biobased, circular, recycling and chemistry. Would you like to know which companies in these fields have already opted for the Amsterdam port?

Circulaire economie Prodock

Circular network for established companies

Together with network association ORAM, we have set up a circular network. With this network, we put the circular companies in Greater Amsterdam on the map and make connections between companies and governments. The Amsterdam region has the potential to become one of the most important circular industrial hubs.

Energietransitie haven Amsterdam

Leading in transition

We want to be a leader in the transition and we are clearly on our way to a climate neutral port in 2050. That is our strategy: to take the lead. But we cannot do this alone. We do so together with the established companies and with new companies that settle at BioPark. Do you want to know more about our strategy?

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