Protocol corona virus COVID-19: Read the protocol of Port of Amsterdam


Coronavirus COVID-19:
work at the port will continue

Read about the coronavirus measures
at Port of Amsterdam »

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App Arrivals replaces IamPort

The web app Arrivals is live and gives you information about all ship movements in the port of Amsterdam. This app replaces the IamPort app, which will no longer be available from 5 June.

The improvements of the Arrivals app 
The improvements are: always up-to-date, a clear overview with filter options, the possibility to switch between list and folder view, navigation advice, ships in alphabetical order and a renewed 'look & feel'. Also watch the movie.

Put Arrivals as an app on your device in 30 seconds
Go to Arrivals and click on the 'share icon' at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down in the list to 'Put on Home Screen'. Then click on 'Add'. From now on you have Arrivals on your device.


Port of Amsterdam in figures


Looking for business in the Amsterdam port area?

Portle - Bedrijvengids

Find here all the companies in Portle

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Circular economy in the port of Amsterdam

Circular economy is a focuspoint in the strategy of Port of Amsterdam. Our aim is to become the most important circular economy ‘hotspot’ of Europe. With the available locations, innovations and network we realise our goals.

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