For period Area What Nr.sort ascending
13-12-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Control Measures Canal Lighting North Sea Canal 2018/48
31-12-2018 to 01-01-2019 Amsterdam Centrum Closure of the waterway near Kop (western edge of) Java-eiland at Amsterdam 2018/47
18-12-2018 IJmuiden locks Closure of the IJmuiden South Lock 2018/46
26-11-2018/Undetermined IJmuiden Corrected message, Installation of unmanned offshore gas platform Q10-A 2018/45
22-01-2019 IJmuiden locks IJmuiden North Lock closed to shipping 2018/44
09-11-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Update of the action plan for seagoing ships of which the cargo has been treated with fumigants in a foreign port; and designation of berths for ships that have been loaded with cargoes that are not sufficiently free of fumigants 2018/41
19-11-2018 to 15-12-2018 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Establishment of an area closed for navigation in the Amerikahaven 2018/40
21-08-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area 2018 2018/29
06-08-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adjustment to the Oil Port Area 2018/27
30-03-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Berth in Afrikahaven reserved for vessels carrying blue cone(s) as indicated in ADN 2018/13