Non-ferro metalen

Non-ferrous metals

Port of Amsterdam’s terminals and warehouse companies have excellent hinterland connections. With their experienced personnel are they suitable for the storage, transhipment and transit of non-ferrous metal packages.

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Non ferro

Specialised terminals and warehouse companies

Port of Amsterdam's specialised terminals include breakbulk and all-weather terminals. These are excellent locations for the storage and transhipment of non-ferrous metals. Many of the warehouse companies already have ample experience in commodities, such as cocoa and steel. They are ready to serve you with their experienced personnel.

With its central location and excellent hinterland connections we provide you with fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable services.

LME certification

Port of Amsterdam obtained an LME certification (London Metal Exchange) in 2018.

This means that Amsterdam, after LME certifications of warehouse companies, is listed as a goods delivery point for:

  • aluminium;
  • aluminium alloy;
  • lead;  
  • nickel;
  • tin;
  • zinc;  
  • and other non-ferro metals.

This strengthens Amsterdam's position in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Ants Tilma

Commercial Manager Logistics

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