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Sea shipping

Your ship visit is a cooperation between the captain, the agent and the Harbour Master.

Your ship visit in 4 steps


1. In advance

Notification of each ship visit must be given 24 hours before arrival in PCS.

We will notify you via email whether you need any additional exemptions or permits.

Voor aankomst

2. Before arrival

Consult the lock schedule for the most up-to-date planning information for ships using the IJmuiden North Lock.

Make a public berth reservation, if necessary.

Order the nautical service providers up to two hours before arrival.

Aankomst en verblijf

3. Arrival and stay in port

Upon arrival, VHF contact between the captain and the Harbour Master is established.

During your stay you can dispose of ship's waste or apply for an exemption or permit.


4. Berth shift and departure

Report any berth shifts or departures in time via PCS and order the nautical service providers up to two hours before departure.

Invoices for the harbour dues and for extra services - if any - will be sent to your agent.


Since 1 January: Compulsory pilotage new style

Captains have long been able to apply for exemption from compulsory pilotage with a PEC (Pilotage Exemption Certificate). Since 1 January 2021, new legislation and regulations have been in force to compulsory pilotage. Read more about:

  • New PEC structure
  • Applying for a PEC
  • Limits for the PEC, such as weather conditions

More about compulsory pilotage



Facts now and after the opening of the world's largest sea lock in 2022.



Port map

View nautical and berth information.

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Divisie Havenmeester


Harbour Master’s Division team

Latest updates

  • News item 22-04-2021
    The how, what and where of the site layout of Zeesluis IJmuiden
    The construction of Zeesluis IJmuiden is almost completed. Now that all the lock gates have been put in position, the area around the new sea lock is being prepared for its future use. During the preparation of the area, everything will be made ready for the opening of the lock. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    All the lock gates have been put into position
    In March 2021, the last two lock gates on the canal side were successfully installed. The whole operation lasted four days. Edgar Breedveld and Victor Arnolds were involved in this milestone achievement. They directed the positioning process and ensured a good outcome. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    Working together to train lock and VTS operators
    Zeesluis IJmuiden will soon be ready for use. But first, staff will have to master the ins and outs of operating the lock. Mia Dröge is Strategic Advisor to the Harbour Master's Division of Port of Amsterdam. Together with a team, she will ensure that the lock can be operated safely. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    Three questions to Bart and Henk about the bottom protection system for Zeesluis IJmuiden
    A larger lock means bigger ships and more salt water. The locking process creates large volumes of fresh or salt water flowing into or out of the lock and water turbulence may scour out holes near the inner and outer lock heads, undermining them. Read more