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Circular economy

The Amsterdam port is a hub for the circular economy. From waste, material, harbour logistics and connections, to establish (demo)factories and innovative circular companies, all come together in the port.

Building the circular economy

By 20250, Amsterdam has to be a circular economy. The Amsterdam port plays an important role in making this goal a reality. On a big scale, different types of waste, such as plastic, rubber, glass, metals and wood, are collected, separated, and recycled. We want to give new value to these streams, as much as possible. We create opportunities by stimulating circular initiatives and by connecting companies, cargoes, and waste flows. That way, we create valuable circular chains for the port and the city.

The circular economy in the Amsterdam port

Processing municipal waste

The Amsterdam port plays an important role in the processing of municipal waste. The bulk of waste produced by Amsterdam households, the hospitality industry, and companies are processed and recycled in the port area. From GFT to paper and from plastics to construction waste.

The chemical industry

Port of Amsterdam is the home base to multiple chemical and energy companies, biofuel producers, chemical factories, and power plants. We work closely with Innovation Lab Chemistry. Moreover, we create relationships between the port, the chemical industry, science and spin-offs and start-ups. For example, Chaincraft, a biotech company that makes compounds for animal foods, started in our innovation hub Prodock and now has their own factory in the port.


Organic waste is an import waste flow, coming from households, companies and restaurants and cafe's in the area, and offers enormous potential. The Amsterdam port is home to several companies that transforms this waste into bio-fuels. There is a green gas installation in the port area, which is a Waterschap Amstel, Gooi & Vecht initiative. Here, green gas is made from the silt that that remains after our sewage water has been filtered. With Biopark, we are creating 18 hectares of space for companies with circular initiatives, so they further develop and expand.


Plastic waste gets a new life in the Amsterdam port. At Plastic Recycling Amsterdam, the collected plastic waste is made into new plastic materials. With Magnetic Density Separation Technology, the different types of plastic are separated. At GBN Artificial Grass Recycling, artificial grass mats from sports clubs are collected and separated, and afterwards are made into plastic granules to be used for new artificial grass mats.



The circular economy is a focal point in our strategy. An important goals is to grow circular activity. By 2025, we want to deploy 25 hectares for circular activities and grow our circular cargo. In our Strategy 2021-2025, you can read more about our ambitions and goals.

What does Amsterdam have to offer companies?

A modern port infrastructure, ultramodern circular economy enterprises and plenty of room to grow. Port of Amsterdam offers the foundation on which startups, scaleups and more intensive projects and companies can rest their next step towards a world without waste. Welcome to the port!

Our location close to one of the largest airports in Europe and the largest city in the Netherlands ensures easy access to both national and international markets. This unique combination of resources, suppliers, financiers and potential customers offers your company every opportunity to develop and flourish. All here at the port.

Over the years, Port of Amsterdam has welcomed a variety of start-ups, scale-ups, demo plants and large-scale initiatives into the circular and biobased economic space. As a result, we have ample experience in every aspect of the project process and support you every step of the way.

Circular companies in the port

With biobased economy companies, chemical production and R&D.

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James Hallworth

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