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Establishing your business

Are you considering setting up your business in the port of Amsterdam? Or do you want to expand your existing business? Read why the port of Amsterdam is the ideal location for you and what you can expect from us.

Why the Amsterdam port?

Port of Amsterdam's ambition is to be a leading European port. A port at the forefront of the transition to a sustainable society. We are working towards a climate-neutral port in 2050.

We are doing this by:

  • Allowing employment to grow sustainably.
  • Allowing companies space to do business and grow sustainable.
  • Creating a future-proof infrastructure.
Plastic Recycling Amsterdam

What can you expect from us?

An establishment or expansion process is not a daily occurrence. We will guide you step by step with the right advice and solutions. Broadly speaking, your establishment or expansion process will consist of four steps in the coming period.

Step 1: Orientation and exploring possibilities

For orientation and exploring possibilities, please contact one of our commercial managers.

Together we will explore whether an establishment, change, or expansion is possible.

Step 2: Working out wishes and needs

We will work out the wishes and needs together. We look at the possibilities of lease or sublease, the conditions, and financial feasibility.

Once the terms and conditions are set together, we will come to an (optional) agreement.

Step 3: Negotiation and agreement

In this phase, we make clear agreements with each other about conditions and prices. We come to an agreement in a sublease or rental contract.

We also do preparatory work for building plans, permits, and facilities.

Our team of experts can advise and help you get in touch with the right advisors.

Step 4: Formalisation and realisation

Once the agreement has been signed, the implementation phase begins. Above all, do not forget to apply for the necessary permits on time. This often requires supporting reports on environment, soil, acoustics or spatial planning.

We recommend calling in a good advisor, to prevent any surprises later on. Has everything been taken care of? The construction can start!

The established companies

The Amsterdam port area is home to more than 1,400 businesses and industries. Together they account for €7.2 billion in added value and provide more than 68,000 jobs in the North Sea Canal area. Would you like to know which companies have already chosen for the Amsterdam port?



Netcongestie op het elektriciteitsnetwerk in de Amsterdamse haven zorgt ervoor dat Liander geen extra vermogen kan uitgeven op de verdeelstations Westhaven, IJ-polder, Basisweg en Ruigoord. Met deze coöperatie kunnen we dit samen oplossen.

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Wil je efficiënt en duurzaam vracht vervoeren via water, spoor of weg? Via de Amsterdamse haven kan dat snel van en naar Europa.

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Wil je lading vervoeren in Europa? Amsterdam is groot in de overslag én verwerking van lading. Of het nu gaat om natte of droge bulk, projectlading, RoRo, cacao, non-ferro metalen, containers of off-shore. Voor jouw lading ben je bij ons aan het juiste adres.

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What permits are needed?

Do you have plans to establish a company in the port area? Or do you want to expand an existing company or develop other activities? If so, check what permissions and permits you will need to fill out at the earliest possible stage.

We would like to be your partner. We can help and give advice by indicating the steps required in a permit process, where necessary. For example, by explaining procedures and advising on the use of experts. We can also share our experiences or bring you into contact with other companies in the port.

You can contact the ODNZKG or a designated advisor to test the permit application, advice on the content, or progress of procedures.

Guide permit application (pdf)


How does sublease or rent work?

The territories in the port are leased and leasehold is given out by Port of Amsterdam. Looking for information about the way in which land is issued, land policy, and soil decontamination policy? Or would you like to see new and old rental and ground lease conditions? You will find them in this handy overview.

Overview land policy and conditions


Utilities and safety

It would be favourable if you would inform yourself about the facilities in the port on time, such as:

Integriteit mvo

Corporate social responsibility and Integrity

It is important to us that our customers fit into our Strategy 2021-2025, share our ambitions regarding sustainability, are honest, and act with integrity. Because of this, it is standard practice to discuss these topics when companies want to establish or expand their business in the Amsterdam port. Want know more? Reach out your contact person at Port of Amsterdam.

Access to our network

We would gladly make you familiair with and introduce you to the right networks and advisors within our port community, to make sure you have access to a wide range of experts, chain partners, and knowledge. These links might interesting for you:

Our vision and strategy

It is Port of Amsterdam's aspiration to be a leading European harbour, one that is a frontrunner when it comes to the transition to a sustainable society. That is why we strive to be a climate-neutral port by 2050. Our aim is to make employment and added value grow sustainably, as well creating a future-proof infrastructure where companies have room to undertake and further the sustainability of their operation. Curious what the port will look like in 2025?

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Our 4 promises to customers

These are the 4 promises we make to customers that want to establish or expand their business in the Amsterdam port.

  1. There's a dedicated contact you can reach out to
  2. We are solution oriented
  3. Access to our network
  4. Your opinion is valuable to us

Would you like to know more about our 4 promises to customers? Then take a look at the additional information about our promises.

More about the 4 customer promises


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Direct contact with our experts

For questions, wishes or more information on business climate please contact us.

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