Energy transition

Renewable energy and renewable raw materials are the essential pillars for a new energy and industrial system to be built. In order to remain an energy port in the future, we are looking for new cargo flows and ways to generate sustainable energy. We do this together with the energy customers in the port and with other partners.

Our role in the energy transition

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Port of Amsterdam reserves space for and invests in infrastructure and partnerships with customers, start-ups and partners. We do this in order to continue to be a sustainable international energy hub in the future. We do this along three pillars:

  • scaling up sustainable energy production and storage;
  • attracting and facilitating the production of renewable fuels and circular raw materials;
  • developing the infrastructure necessary for the sustainable transition.

In addition, we also contribute to the Climate Table North Sea Canal Area.


Energy transition in the port of Amsterdam

Several projects are running along the three pillars in the Amsterdam port in order to realise the Energy Transition. A few examples:

Scaling up sustainable energy production and storage

Attract and facilitate the production of renewable fuels and circular raw materials

  • Expand biodiesel production
  • Bio Energy Netherlands office
  • 100MW electrolyser at Tata

Developing the infrastructure necessary for the sustainable transition

Direct contact with our expert

For wishes, questions or more information about energy transition.

Roon van Maanen

Roon van Maanen

Head Circular & Renewable Industry

+31 20 523 45 36
Eduard de Visser

Eduard de Visser

Head Strategy & Innovation
Strategie en Klimaattafel NZKG

+31 6 109 09 286