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Regional Port By-laws

Laws and regulations

International, national and regional shipping laws and regulations apply in the Amsterdam port region. These rules contribute to the safety and the environment of the Amsterdam port region. International maritime regulations are issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Examples of this are the MARPOL and the SOLAS. International regulations for inland shipping include the ADN.

National laws and regulations regarding, among other things, the Wet Vervoer gevaarlijke stoffen (the Dutch law on the Transport of dangerous goods and Binnenvaartpolitiereglement (the Dutch Inland Waterways Police Regulations). Regional laws and regulations are included in the NH2020 Environmental Ordinance. This includes a ban on degassing of certain substances from an inland tanker while sailing.

The local laws and regulations have been used in the Regional Port Ordinance North Sea Canal Area 2023. These are the 'house rules' for the entire CNB area: Velsen/IJmuiden, Beverwijk, Zaanstad and Amsterdam. The same rules apply in the Rotterdam port region.

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The Dutch version shall prevail and be binding.


Announcements and other decrees North Sea Canal Area

MyPort: online serviceportaal voor de scheepvaart in Amsterdam

In addition to the regional port regulations, an online service portal exists for the operational processes in this region: MyPort. Some services such as Arrivals (ship movements in the port) and the company guide Portle are freely accessible. For the Lock Schedule (up-to-date lock planning) and making requests for a permit or exemption via Applications, you need an account.

Go to MyPort if you want to see for yourself what services are available and/or to apply for an account.

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