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Short sea & containers

Short sea is a sustainable and reliable alternative to road transport of containers. We offer customised short sea service in North-West Europe. Discover alle the possibilities for short sea and containers in the Amsterdam port.

containerterminal Amsterdam

Short sea in Amsterdam

Whether you already regularly opt for short sea or are considering it, we are happy to contribute to the best fulfilment of your transport needs. Where necessary, we provide tailor-made solutions and think along with the terminals in the port area.

All facilities for container transport are present in our port. And we have excellent multimodal connections with the sea and the hinterland. Together, we can find the best solution for your transport needs.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fast turn around time at the terminal
  • Customisation possible
  • Excellent multimodal connections
  • Cross-docking facilities
  • Sustainable solutions
  • No congestion

Multimodal connections

Container services

From the Port of Amsterdam there are regular services to and from:

  • Ireland: Dublin and Waterford
  • England: Hull, Tilbury, Grangemouth
  • Norway: Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen
  • Sweden: Oxelosund, Sodertalje and Västerås

North West Central Corridor

North West Central Corridor is a direct connection between Amsterdam and the deep-sea terminals in Rotterdam and vice versa. Containers from and for the Northern Netherlands are transhipped in Amsterdam to the inland vessels of the North West Central Corridor.


Amsterdam is connected to the most important main transport axes in Europe, the 'Rail Freight Corridors': 

  • The Rhine-Alpine to Central and Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy; 
  • The North Sea Baltic for destinations in Central and Eastern Germany and Poland; 
  • the North Sea Mediterranean for destinations in Belgium, France and the UK. 
  • Amsterdam-Duisburg - three weekly train connections to and from the hinterland of Duisburg.
  • On the Amsterdam side, access to short sea connections to England, Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

Inland shipping

The Amsterdam port is known for its excellent inland navigation connections to the hinterland. 

Frequently used routes are: 

  • Amsterdam - Rotterdam 
  • Amsterdam - Ruhr area 
  • Amsterdam - Antwerp 
  • Amsterdam - Harlingen/Meppel 

Container terminals in Amsterdam

Several container terminals for short sea are located in the Amsterdam port area. For example TMA Logistics and CTVrede. Would you like to see all container terminals and companies in the Amsterdam port?

Global cargo liner services

Want to know more about the global cargo liner connections that the Port of Amsterdam provides? Check out our overview and transport your goods and products globally.

Containers sluizen IJmuiden

Advantages of the Sea Lock IJmuiden

The Sea Lock IJmuiden was opened in 2022 and is the biggest sea lock in the wereld. The lock is tide-independent and can let multiple large ships pass through at the same time.