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Would you like to visit Amsterdam with your ship or craft? Then you're welcome. Amsterdam is an international port where ship movements are constantly increasing. It is therefore essential that your visit is smooth, safe and as sustainable as possible. Our Harbour Master Division takes care of this. With you.



Are you visiting the North Sea Canal area? Then contribute to the safety of the ports and its users and comply with laws and regulations:

  • Shipping Traffic Act
  • Compulsory Pilotage
  • Port Bye-laws
  • Operational Areas of Berths
  • Use of the waterway and the North Sea Locks at IJmuiden
  • Public Health Act
  • ISPS code and the Port Security Act
  • Dutch Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act and Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area
  • Ballast water convention

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Port Security Level

The current Port Security level for the ports in the Amsterdam-North Sea Canal area is: LEVEL 1

Milembe Mateyo

Milembe Mateyo, Harbour Master:

"We work hard for clean shipping. That's very important to us. Would you like to know more about this? Take a look at our vision of clean shipping (pdf)".


MyPort: platform for services and tools

MyPort is the place where (ultimately) all online services and tools for customers and other relations of Port of Amsterdam run. Convenient in one central place, with one login. The tools that are already there, are:

  • Arrivals for arrival and departure times of vessels
  • Lock Schedule for lock planning
  • Applications for making applications, notifications and exemptions
  • HAP ships for vessels in the port that fall under the Port Waste Plan
  • Statement Inner harbour dues for submission of statement
  • Portle for finding a company in the port of Amsterdam

Do you want to know more about MyPort? More about MyPort

Type of shipping

For a smooth and safe visit to the Amsterdam port there is more information per type of shipping. What applies to you?


Sea shipping

Your visit to Amsterdam is a collaboration between captain, agent, service providers and the harbour master. See what you need to visit the port.

Sea shipping


Inland shipping

You're visiting Amsterdam on a barge. View all information, such as available berths and facilities, and things you can directly arrange yourself.

Inland shipping


Passenger vessels

Do you transport passengers (more than 12 people) for a fee? Then you fall under passenger shipping. Each type of passenger shipping has its own facilities and amenities. Choose what applies to you.

River cruise Sea cruise Other passenger vessels



Are you considering a visit to Amsterdam with a superyacht? View all information for superyachts, such as berths and facilities. We'd like to welcome you to Amsterdam.




Are you visiting Amsterdam for your pleasure with a boat? Then prepare yourself well and know the rules. We wish you a safe and pleasant visit.


Latest updates

  • News item 22-04-2021
    Diving operations at Zeesluis IJmuiden
    There are also divers at work for the construction of Zeesluis IJmuiden (the new sea lock). They are busy with underwater engineering and construction activities. Max Schellenbach and Jan-Pieter Steunebrink of Boskalis are responsible for the Boskalis diving department and the execution of the work for OpenIJ. They told us about the work of their divers. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    The how, what and where of the site layout of Zeesluis IJmuiden
    The construction of Zeesluis IJmuiden is almost completed. Now that all the lock gates have been put in position, the area around the new sea lock is being prepared for its future use. During the preparation of the area, everything will be made ready for the opening of the lock. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    All the lock gates have been put into position
    In March 2021, the last two lock gates on the canal side were successfully installed. The whole operation lasted four days. Edgar Breedveld and Victor Arnolds were involved in this milestone achievement. They directed the positioning process and ensured a good outcome. Read more
  • News item 22-04-2021
    Working together to train lock and VTS operators
    Zeesluis IJmuiden will soon be ready for use. But first, staff will have to master the ins and outs of operating the lock. Mia Dröge is Strategic Advisor to the Harbour Master's Division of Port of Amsterdam. Together with a team, she will ensure that the lock can be operated safely. Read more