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Sea and river cruise

River cruise

Charges and conditions

Riviercruiseschip in Amsterdam

You can find more information about the charges and conditions for river cruise ships here. These include booking fees, inland harbour dues and cancellation conditions. 

Shore power

Walstroom riviercruiseschip

Will you be using shore power in Amsterdam? That makes us very happy. It is not only better for the environment, but also helps prevent noise pollution. Read here how to connect shore power easily.

Book a berth

ligplaats riviercruise

Amsterdam and Zaanstad together make up a single river cruise region where Cruise Port Amsterdam manages the planning of berths. Book your berth online using the link below.


walstroom riviercruise

Looking for a berth and the available facilities for river cruises? Click on the link below to discover our maps and tables with all the requisite information.

Sea cruise

Harbour dues and charges

zeecruise en zwanen

If sea cruise ships use the Amsterdam port area, they also have to pay harbour dues. For a complete overview, please see our general terms and conditions and charges.

Services and facilities


Visiting the Port of Amsterdam with a seagoing vessel? From tugboats to bunkering, you can find all the services and facilities available to you on this page.

Sea cruise calendar

Junior Commercieel Manager

Want to find out about all the cruise ships docking in Amsterdam? The sea cruise calendar contains full information about the arrival and departure of sea cruise ships at Cruise Port Amsterdam.

Emission-free mooring

Cruiseschip bij Passenger Terminal Amsterdam

From 2022, we apply a tariff structure based on the ships' emission certification (TIER). We also give a discount to sea cruise ships that can use shore power from 2025. From 2027, this will become obligatory in the port of Amsterdam.

toeristen CS

Day tourist tax

Amsterdam City Council levies a day tourist tax on TRANSIT sea and river cruise passengers who dock within the municipal boundaries of Amsterdam. Who has to pay the day tourist tax and how does it work?


This page contains all announcements for shipping:

  • Basijnen (Announcements to Shipping, IJmond-North Sea Canal Area)
  • BAORs (Operational Area Designation Orders)
  • Other orders
Cruise Port Amsterdam

Report a ship visit

Every visit by a vessel to the port of Amsterdam must be reported to the Harbour Master electronically in advance. This can be done using the Portbase Port Community System (PCS). Portbase is the platform for digital port logistics.

VHF radio

Reporting your arrival or departure from the port area is mandatory. This can be done 24 hours a day by VHF radio. You can find all the maritime radio sectors listed here and learn more about block channels and auxiliary channels.

Havenbeambte op patrouille


Looking for more information about cruise ships in the port of Amsterdam? Please contact Monic van der Heyden for all commercial questions, and contact the Port Office for all nautical matters.