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RoRo & automotive

New or second-hand cars, trucks, or heavy machinery: the Amsterdam port area is fitting location for roll-on roll-off logistics, as well as for storage and transhipment of finished vehicles, high and heavy, and refurbished vehicles.

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Complete PDI and logistiek f or RoRo and vehicles

Specialized terminals offer a complete PDI and logistics service for importers, dealers, leasing companies, rental companies and other large fleet owners. The services vary from national and international RoRo transport and dealer preparation of cars to the storage of batches of vehicles.

Important players like Nissan, Grimaldi, Glovis, Wallenius and Hoëgh Autoliners sail in liner service on Amsterdam.

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Excellent hinterland connections

The RoRo terminals in Amsterdam are located on deep sea quays. They have direct connections to the European hinterland via water, rail, road, and air. As an international logistics hub in the ARA hub (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), the Amsterdam port area is a logical location for RoRo transport and RoRo shipping.

RoRo and automotive terminals

Check out Portle to see which companies in the Amsterdam port are relevant for you.

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Global cargo liner verbindingen

Want to know more about the global cargo liner connections that the Port of Amsterdam provides? Check out our overview and transport your goods and products globally.

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