Natte bulk in de Amsterdamse haven

Liquid bulk

With a centralised location in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub, the Port of Amsterdam is a leading player in liquid bulk. Whether it concerns gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, chemicals, or biofuels, your cargo is assured of proper handling.

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Natte bulk

The leading player in liquid bulk

Amsterdam is the largest gasoline port in the world and specialises in blending oil-products. For example, the kerosene supply that fuels Schiphol Airport runs through the port.

However, we don’t focus solely on traditional liquid bulk. Together with our partners and customers, we have taken steps in order to develop and attract sustainable fuels, such as biofuels and hydrogen.


conventionele brandstoffen

The future of fuel

With our aim to be the frontrunner in the energy transition by 2025, we must focus on innovation. By doing so, we keep our competitive edge and reduce our impact on the environment, all at the same time. We believe that the best steps towards the future are those taken together. An example is our goal to grow alternative fuel storage to 12.5% by 2025 in collaboration with our clients. Realistic goals and involvement of all our clients within the process - It’s how we build a better port for us all.

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Liquid bulk in the Amsterdam port region

Benzine in de Amsterdamse haven


Amsterdam is the largest gasoline port in the world. It is an international hub for the storage and transshipment, blending and trading of oil products.

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Diesel in de Amsterdamse haven


As a leading player in the oil market, all terminals in the Port of Amsterdam are equipped with facilities for blending, storing, and transshipping (bio)diesel.

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Meer over kerosine


The Port of Amsterdam houses multiple facilities for the storage and transport of kerosene. Our partner, Schiphol, funnels approximately half of their needed kerosene from the port.

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With multiple initiatives, the Port of Amsterdam is dedicated to the production of green hydrogen. Our aim is to provide the entire North Sea Channel Area with it.

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Chemicaliën in de Amsterdamse haven


With established chemical companies located in the port, the transport and storage of chemicals is facilitated with great care.

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Biofuels in de Amsterdamse haven


The Port of Amsterdam port has the facilities to provide its clients with jetties, tanks, storage, transhipment and blending. With a focus on both the storage and production of biofuel, the port has allocated over 25ha for the production of biofuels.

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Waterstof H2


As a leading energy hub, the Port of Amsterdam has all facilities for the storage and transport of LPG, offering tailor-made solutions for shipping companies.

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For requirements, questions or more information on diesel, gasoline & biofuels

Didier de Beaumont
Didier de Beaumont

Commercial Manager Energy

+31 6 839 68 657
Joey van Elswijk
Joey van Elswijk

Commercial Manager Renewable Fuels

+31 6 103 23 881

Be part of a better port

Together with the port business community and our partners, we aim to create a better port every day. That's why we continuously work on our accessibility and facilitate a smooth, safe, and transparent shipping process. By investing in sustainable energy and circular activities, we take the lead in developing a future proof port.

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