Natte bulk in de Amsterdamse haven

Liquid bulk

Amsterdam is a leading player in liquid bulk. Whether it concerns gasoline, diesel, kerosene, LPG, chemicals, biofuels or hydrogen. With its central location in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp hub, your cargo in Amsterdam is assured of proper handling.

Natte bulk

Amsterdam leading player in liquid bulk

Amsterdam is the largest gasoline port in the world and specialises in blending products. For Schiphol Airport, we are purveyor of kerosene via a pipeline.

With our customers in the port, we do not only look at traditional liquid bulk. We work together to develop and attract green cargo, such as biofuels and hydrogen.

Liquid bulk in the Amsterdam port region

Benzine in de Amsterdamse haven


Amsterdam is the largest gasoline port in the world. It is an international hub for the storage and transshipment, blending and trading of oil products.

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Diesel in de Amsterdamse haven


Amsterdam is a leading player in the oil market. The terminals have all facilities for blending, storage and transhipment of (bio)diesel.

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Meer over kerosine


All facilities for the storage and transport of kerosene are present. Schiphol receives approximately half of the required kerosene from the port.

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LPG in de Amsterdamse haven


The Amsterdam port area is a leading energy hub. It has all facilities for the storage and transport of LPG. And offers tailor-made solutions to shipping companies.

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Chemicaliën in de Amsterdamse haven


Amsterdam is a smart, sustainable port for the chemical industry. The established chemical companies and energy companies attract transport of chemicals.

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Biofuels in de Amsterdamse haven


The Amsterdam port is the largest gasoline port in the world. It is not for nothing that biofuels have been mixed in the port for years.

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Waterstof in de Amsterdamse haven


Port of Amsterdam is committed to scaling up the production of green hydrogen. Various initiatives are taking place in the port in the field of hydrogen.

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