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Fietsen in de haven

Cycling in the harbour

Of course you think of ships, cranes and activity in a harbour, but there is much more like a beautiful nature. Discover this by bike! Choose one of the four routes and stop at the info points. There, connoisseurs will tell you about shipping, nature and the history of the port in videos.

Choose your route

Stadhaven route

5 km

The Amsterdam port is a real city port: a mix of shipping, businesses and city life. You'll come across all that on this route. You'll cycle from the cultural free port of NDSM to a shipyard and a climate-neutral new housing estate.

Cycle the Stadhaven route

Hemhaven route

15 km

First you cycle along huge mountains of 'dry bulk'. What they are, you learn on the way. But you will also pass places where bank swallows and peregrine falcons nest. From tough to primeval!

Cycle the Hemhaven route

Westhaven route

15 km

During this route you cycle along the tangible evidence of the new direction the port is taking: that of the circular economy. We're still developing in this respect. That is why you'll also come across large storage tanks for petrol along the way.

Cycle the Westhaven route

Ruigoord route

18 km

This longest of the four routes offers the greatest contrasts. The illustrious artists' village of Ruigoord borders on a company that stores petroleum. And further on you can cycle from a centuries-old duck decoy to a cycle path with state-of-the-art, climate-neutral lighting.

Cycle the Ruigoord route

What can you expect?

At the information points, experts tell special stories about the port in videos. From wind to cocoa and from water birds to toads. You'll discover everything on a harbour bike tour.

Please note that most videos are only available in Dutch.

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