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Reserve berths via CruiseDock

The benefits of CruiseDock

Via CruiseDock you can easily make your desired reservations. As a shipping company you only need to enter the fleet once. After that you can get straight to work.

Single statement, single invoice

CruiseDock has eliminated the need for submitting separate statements for Inland Harbour Dues. Once you have made your reservation, your reservation doubles as a statement. You will receive a combined invoice with the amount of both the reservation and the harbour dues.

Control and transparency

As a shipping company, CruiseDock allows you to manage your schedule. You get an overview of the allocation and status of your reservations.

Declaration Day Tourist Tax in CruiseDock

The declaration of Day Tourist Tax for river cruise ships is also carried out via CruiseDock. Watch the video to see how it works.


Do you have any questions about CruiseDock? Please get in touch with Cruise Port Amsterdam via +31 20 509 1000