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Services and facilities

Are you visiting the port of Amsterdam with a seagoing ship? On this page you will find all the services and facilities that are available to you.


Is your ship subject to compulsory pilotage? In that case you must order the pilot for an ingoing voyage at least six hours in advance. The pilot for an outgoing voyage must be ordered at least four hours in advance.

Please consult the Regulations concerning Shore-Based Pilotage (in Dutch). Read more about the services of the Dutch Pilots Organisation on the Nederlands Loodswezen website.


Do you require a tug? The tug order time for an ingoing, berth shift or outgoing voyage is two hours.


Do you require boatman services for arrival or departure? Please note that boatmen must be ordered 90 minutes in advance.

Read more about boatman services on the websites of De Koperen Ploeg and Coöperatieve vereniging van Vletterlieden (in Dutch).

Waste collectors

Every seagoing ship may deliver ship-generated waste and cargo residues at a port reception facility. The Amsterdam seaports offer facilities for every type of waste.

Bunkeren conventional fuels

In the port, we offer the possibility of bunkering conventional fuels such as fuel oil, gas oil and blends thereof. There are no licensing scheme requirements for the companies that supply these fuels.

Incidents can be notified through the feedback form in order for us to monitor the situation in our region.

Sustainable fuel bunkering in the port

Port of Amsterdam promotes the use of sustainable fuel and makes it possible for both seagoing and inland navigation to bunker sustainable fuel.

Medical services

The Amsterdam sea ports offer facilities for first aid, medical examinations and mental health for national and international maritime traffic.

Seamen's Center Amsterdam

A homely atmosphere and lots of sociability. With free pick-up and delivery service.