Compulsory Pilotage New Style

Sailing in the North Sea Canal area is subject to compulsory pilotage. Since 1 January 2021, new legislation and regulations have been in force to compulsory pilotage. You can read what this means for you in our information guide.

Download PEC information guide 

What has been changed in compulsory pilotage?

  • A renewed PEC structure has been introduced.
  • The register of small sea-going vessels disappeared.
  • The possibility of exemption from compulsory pilotage for seagoing vessels of up to 95 metres disappeared.
  • Certain terminology has been changed.
  • Training for PECs has been changed.

Information guide for PECs (Pilotage Exemption Certificates)

The PEC information guide provides an overview of the practical implementation of the PEC holder programme. You can read all about the procedures and preconditions for obtaining exemption from compulsory pilotage. Such as:

  • Applying for a PEC
  • Training and testing
  • PEC for small sea-going vessels and workboats
  • Restrictions, such as weather conditions
  • Exemptions


Do you have questions about compulsory pilotage or applying for a PEC? Please contact the Harbour Master's Division, Port Office via or +31 (0)20 523 46 00, selection menu 2.

Do you have any questions about the training programme? Send an e-mail to the Regional Pilotage Corporation Amsterdam-IJmond (RLc):