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Whilst visiting the North-Sea canal area you must adhere to certain rules. This will allow you to contribute to the safety of the ports and all those working in the ports. Your agent will help you meet all requirements.

The following regulations apply

  • Shipping Traffic Act (Scheepvaartverkeerswet)
    The Shipping Traffic Act and its additional Regulations deal with national and international navigation rules.
  • Compulsory Pilotage (Loodsplicht)
    This Compulsory Pilotage Decree lists the regulations for compulsory pilotage for ships arriving, departing or shifting. Attention: Since 1 January 2021 there are changes in the Compulsory Pilotage New Style.
  • Port Bye-laws
    The local regulations for the North Sea Canal Area can be found in the Port Bye-laws.
  • Operational Areas of Berths
    When in port, all ships must stay within the operational areas designated to the berths and must comply with the mooring regulations.
  • Use of the waterway and the North Sea Locks at IJmuiden
    All ships must comply with the regulations that apply to the North Sea Locks at IJmuiden and with the various Waterway Regulations.
  • Public Health Act (Wet Publieke Gezondheid)
    You are required to report the presence on board of any passenger with an infectious disease or of any suspected infectious disease. In that case you should contact the Port Authority via VHF, or the Radio Medical Service through the Netherlands Coastguard.
  • ISPS code and Port Security Act
    You are required to supply security information prior to arrival and departure. You can do this together with your arrival and departure notifications via Portbase. If you wish to receive ships subject to the ISPS code at your port facility, your port facility must be ISPS certified in accordance with the Port Security Act.
  • Dutch Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act and Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area
    During your visit to the North Sea Canal Area, you are required to deliver any ship-generated waste and cargo residues. This requirement applies to seagoing ships on the basis of the Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act. During your stay checks may be carried out to see whether you comply with the applicable regulations. The Harbour Master is authorised to carry out these checks.
  • Ballast Water Convention
    The Ballast Water Convention is applicable to all ships which are carrying ballast water.
  • Ship movement regulation (Regeling Scheepsbewegingen)
    Download the Ship Movement Regulation (in Dutch).