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ISPS certification for your port facility

Does your port facility receive one of the following ships?

  • Cargo ships with a gross tonnage of ≥ 500 making international sea voyages.
  • Passenger ships on international voyages.
  • Mobile drilling platforms with their own propulsion.

Then you as a port facility must have an International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) certification.

With an ISPS certification, you comply with the statutory security regulations laid down in the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, European Regulation 724/2004 and the Port Security Act.

How does the ISPS certification work?

Port of Amsterdam uses the MOBI application for the certification process and annual review. MOBI stands for a Methodology for an Objective Security Inventory. Watch the video for more information.

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How to apply for ISPS certification

Step 1: request
The Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) of your port facility applies for certification via the MOBI application, by submitting the application form and a proposal for a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP).

Step 2: assessment
The Port of Amsterdam assessors will assess your application and PFSP and carry out a Port Facility Security Assessment. This will result in an action list for the PFSO.

Step 3: improvement
The PFSO processes the necessary improvement actions in the PFSP and submits a modified PFSP via the MOBI application.

Step 4: advice
The Port of Amsterdam assessor will assess your new PFSP and advise the competent authority on the certificate to be issued.

Step 5: certification
The competent authority (Directeur Centraal Nautisch Beheer Noordzeekanaalgebied or Mayor of Amsterdam) decides on the certificate to be issued.


Important documents


Do you have a functional question about the use of the MOBI application? Please contact the functional administrator MOBI via

Do you have a question about the certification process or the annual review? Please contact the ISPS testers via +31 20 523 46 00 (option 2) or



The ISPS supervisors at Port of Amsterdam supervise the implementation of your plan and the obligations contained therein, including mandatory exercises.

You can read the guideline exercises here: Guidance for an ISPS exercise (in Dutch)

Cyber security incidents



Reporting security incidents

You should report a security incident at your port facility as soon as possible.

  • For urgent incidents, call 112.
  • Non-urgent incidents should be reported to the National Unit via 0900-8844.

In all cases, you must additionally report the incident to the Port of Amsterdam ISPS supervisors. You can do this via the MOBI application.


Legislation and information

You will find more information about ISPS related legislation on the following pages:


Overview of ISPS certified terminals

You'll find an overview of ISPS certified terminals on You'll be able to create a free account there.

Port Port ID UN Locator
Amsterdam 22435 NLAMS
Beverwijk 16592 NLBEV
IJmuiden 22851 NLIJM
Velsen 25282 NLVEL
Zaandam 22337 NLZAA