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MOBI is a Port Security platform of Port of Amsterdam, which is now used by all major Dutch seaports.

In the MOBI app, all users work together in one transparent environment and send each other messages. As a result, the status of all security activities is clear and all information is up to date.

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In 2016 Port of Amsterdam introduced a new method for certifying port facilities: the Methodology for an Objective Security Inventory (MOBI). The MOBI application was developed from this methodology in 2017.

Meanwhile, MOBI has grown into a Port Security platform in which port facilities and authorities work together in the field of:

  • Security assessment and certification of the facility
  • Changes to the facility
  • Reports (incident, exercise, evaluation) of the facility
  • Compliance and supervision of the facility.
  • Alerting facilities to security threats

Other Dutch seaports are now also connected to the MOBI app (Port of Harlingen, Port of Den Helder, Port of Moerdijk, Groningen Seaports, North Seaport and Port of Rotterdam) and are working together on improvements.

In the years 2022 - 2023, the application will again receive new functionalities that will enhance the cooperation between the Port Security Officers of the seaports and the port facilities.

The MOBI app has been nominated for an international award in the field of safety and security.

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