Zon in de haven

Sun in the port

Have you ever thought about solar panels on the roof of your company? Or switching to green energy?

Zon in de haven

Starting with solar panels or green energy?

Now is the time to consider this, because solar energy is cheap and simple these days.

  • thanks to the SDE grant
  • in view of the new possibilities for the transfer of electricity
  • through the experience of reliable partners, who take the work off your hands

Together with us, explore your possibilities and the form that suits you best. Whatever you choose, it's good for your bank account, the environment and your reputation!

Who's it for?

For developers, landlords, tenants or owner-users of a building in the Amsterdam port area. You can use cheap and green energy yourself or let your tenants benefit.

Why Port of Amsterdam?

Our aim is to reduce the energy bills of companies in the Amsterdam port and thus improve the business climate. We also want to make the port greener.

With the 'Sun in the port' programme we are giving a boost to both objectives by coordinating the production, smart storage and mutual exchange of solar energy in the port area. The port authority plays a facilitating role in this and coordinates/advises on a possible 'roof survey', feasibility studies and subsidy applications.

Zonnepanelen zijn voordelig

Purchase solar panels yourself and have them installed

You finance or invest yourself in the solar panel system on your roof, and take care of it yourself. You are then not only the economic owner, but also the legal owner.

Port of Amsterdam can advise, support and guide you up to and including the application for the subsidy (SDE). This offers a 15-year government contribution per kWh of solar power produced and is applied for at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


  • You will be taken care of by Port of Amsterdam in the preliminary stage
  • You can use the unloaded power yourself and sell the surplus
  • It is not necessary to establish a sublease right (this is the case with option B).
Je dak ter beschikking stellen

Making your roof available to a third party

For a fee, you make your roof available to a third party for the installation and operation of solar panels. There are various providers who realize pre-financed large solar panel systems and would like to use the roofs of companies in the port area.

If desired, Port of Amsterdam will put you in contact with these parties and offer guidance in the formation of agreements. Port of Amsterdam can advise, support and assist you up to and including the application for the subsidy (SDE).


  • You will be taken care of by Port of Amsterdam in the preliminary stage
  • You can buy the generated electricity untaxed, because of the tax rulings available to various providers.
  • You will receive a compensation for the provision of your roof

Attention is drawn to the fact that this construction requires the establishment of a sublease right (comparable to a building lease right) for the solar panels including the roof. The solar panels that are installed may otherwise become the property owner's property in certain situations.

Sun on Prodock

A solar installation has been installed on the roof of our Prodock building with a maintenance contract for 15 years. It concerns a capacity of approximately 25Kwp. Port of Amsterdam will apply for the next round of subsidies for the convex roof behind the office building. On to the 100,000 m2!

On Wednesday 20 September 2019, the 87 solar panels on the roof of our building PRODOCK on the Moezelhavenweg were officially put into use. A good reason to invite companies in the port who are interested in sun on their roof for a meeting and a drink.

Ask us questions or talk further?

Would you like to discuss the opportunities and possibilities of solar energy for your company?