Inland harbour dues

If you are using the Amsterdam port waters, you are required to submit a statement for Inland Harbour Dues, similar to procedures in any other port. This serves as your proof of entry into the port area.

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Paying Inland Harbour Dues - how it works

Where you submit your statement depends on the location where you are sailing and staying.

Harbour waters

IJ, the North Sea Canal, the Zaan and Voorzaan rivers, Zijkanaal G and all its waterways/harbour basins that lead down to the boundary as indicated on the map of harbour waters.

Submit your statement to Port of Amsterdam

Inland waters

Other Amsterdam waterways, such as the canals, the passageways, the Amstel, the Buiten IJ and the Amsterdam Rhine canal.

File your statement with the City of Amsterdam


When do you submit a statement for Inland Harbour Dues?

Commercial inland navigation vessels are required to submit statements for inland harbour dues when they enter the Zaanstad and Amsterdam port waters. Commercial inland navigation vessels are understood as:

  • cargo vessels
  • commercial passenger vessels such as river cruise vessels
  • other inland navigation vessels such as floating cranes and work vessels

You do not need to submit a statement for (or pay) inland harbour dues when your vessel has dispensation from inland harbour dues. You must submit a statement in all other situations. You must also submit a statement for an exemption. For example, an overnight stay on the Slik in connection with the sailing and rest time you must submit a statement for the exemption. More about permits and exemptions

You can submit your statement before arrival and until the end of the 28th day after your arrival in the Zaanstad-Amsterdam port waters. You change or cancel a statement until the end of the 28th day after the date of arrival you specified in your statement.

For river cruise ships, if you book a berth via Easydock, you do not have to submit a separate Inland Harbour Dues statement. If you make a reservation via Easydock, the inland harbour dues will also be arranged. View tariffs and conditions


How to submit a statement

You can submit a statement for Inland Harbour Dues by logging on to You can register here if you do not currently have an account.

Submit your statement in time to avoid paying a surcharge.

It is also possible to file the statement automatically for push barges equipped with a tracker.


Automatic Statement for push barges equipped with a tracker

Customers with push barges equipped with a tracker can file their statements automatically. Customers conclude a data contract with Port of Amsterdam for this purpose. The staying times for push barges equipped with a tracker are settled according to an hourly tariff.

Go to Automatic Statements for push barges

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User management in Inland Harbour Dues application

Previously, users could only see the statements for Inland Harbour Dues that they have entered themselves. We've now introduced a new user management feature in the Inland Harbour Dues application.

There are two user roles: full access and limited access. As a user, you have access to all of your organisation's statements, or only those you have prepared yourself. Only your organisation's administrator can manage the rights of your organisation's users.

What can you do as an administrator?

On the user management page, you can:

  1. Give other users access to prepare statements for your organisation by accepting an email request. Of course, you can also turn down a request.
  2. Designate users as full-access or limited-access users. Full-access users can view all of your organisation's statements. Limited-access users can only see the statements they have entered themselves.
  3. Grant full-access users administrator rights or revoke previously granted administrator rights.
  4. Allow full-access users to receive join requests by email.
  5. Disconnect users from your organisation. This means they no longer have access to the statements.

Go to user management


Available services

The following services will be available to you once you have paid your Inland Harbour Dues:

  • Unlimited access to the port waters for the period specified
  • Safely dock at the public waiting areas and berths in the port area
  • Designated vehicle landing points in the port area
  • Free parking at 17 places in the port area
  • Drinking water; the first 6 cubic metres are included in the inland harbour dues
  • Free WiFi in the vicinity of the WiFi spots
  • Services provided by the Harbour Master, who ensures that vessels are handled efficiently, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner

View all facilities


We check whether a statement has been submitted

Port of Amsterdam checks whether the operators of inland vessels detected in the port area have submitted their statements.

Be sure to submit your statement in time so as to avoid paying a surcharge
If you miss the deadline for submission, fail to submit your statement, or provide inaccurate information in your statement causing you to be undercharged, Port of Amsterdam will impose a surcharge in addition to the tariff payable. This surcharge is equivalent to 25% of the tariff, subject to a minimum amount of € 100.

Do you disagree with an invoice or surcharge? Then you can submit an objection via the digital objection form.

Tariffs 2022


  Category Measured by 1 week
(7 days)
2 weeks
(14 days)
4 weeks
(28 days)
Annual tariff
(1 Jan. - 31 Dec.)
A Cargo ships Tonne € 0,09878 € 0,19756 € 0,39512 € 3,62290
B Passenger ships Sq. m. € 0,10351 € 0,20702 € 0,41404 € 4,84427
C Other inland navigation vessels; floating objects Sq. m. € 0,10351 € 0,20702 € 0,41404 € 4,84427

Tariffs excl. VAT. An annual subscription always runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Hourly rate for Automatic Statements for push barges

  Category Measured by Per hour
(60 minutes)
A Cargo push barge Tonne € 0,000647

Tariff excl. VAT

Container tariff

  Category Measured by Tariff
A Cargo ships TEU

€ 0,81818

Tariff per 24 hour period, excl. VAT. Minimum amount (gross): € 50.

Fee for reserving a public berth

  Rate per 24 hours of reserved time €280,11

Drinking water

The tariffs for Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation include the right to consume 6 cubic metres of drinking water per 24-hour period.

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Paying invoices

With us, you decide how you pay your invoice. You can choose to pay all your invoices automatically via direct debit. That way, you no longer have to worry about your payments.

Via direct debit you will also receive a 2% discount and an extension of the payment term from 14 to 28 days.

Receiving all your invoices via direct debit with a discount and longer payment term? Or receive each invoice by e-mail with a direct link to an IDEAL provider? Make a choice which suits you best.

Invoices per e-mail
Direct debit
Payment period 14 days 28 days   check
Discount __ 2%    check
Administrative action Yes No   check
  I choose manual payment I choose direct debit
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Reporting a change of vessel data

Are the details on your invoice wrong? Please make your changes by filling in the web form and we will adjust the data.

Fill in the web form 

Discounts and surcharges

Green Award

Up to 20% discount for vessels with a Green Award Certificate

Type of certificate Percentage of reduction
Bronze 5%
Silver 10%
Gold 15%
Platinum 20%

Obtain your Green Award Certificate


2% discount if you activate the direct debit option

Take advantage of the convenience of paying automatically via direct debit. You will receive a 2% discount on your bill and an extension of the payment term from 14 to 28 days.

Dutch account number
With a Dutch account number you can switch to direct debit easily via

Receive a discount

International account number
Do you want to switch to direct debit from an international account number? Then use this direct debit form.



No statement submitted 28 days after arrival:

Minimum surcharge: € 100

You will automatically receive a statement and be required to pay a surcharge equivalent to 25% of the applicable tariff, subject to a minimum of € 100.

Frequently asked questions about inland harbour dues

Invoices, payments, tariffs and refunds

How do I change my payment method to direct debit?

Dutch account number
If you have a Dutch account number, you can easily switch to direct debit via

International account number
Do you want to switch to direct debit from an international account number? Then use the direct debit form and follow the 3 steps.

1. Sign the direct debit form with your digital signature (or print and put your signature on the paper).

2. Take a photo or screenshot of the signed form, for instance with your smartphone.

3. Mail the image to

When do I come into consideration for a refund of inland harbour dues?

Have you taken out an annual subscription and have you sold your vessel during the year? If so, you come into consideration for a refund of the remaining period of your subscription.

You can submit an application via When you submit your application, you must enclose documents that confirm the sale.

At which locations in the port is the TEU tariff valid?

The TEU tariff is valid at the following locations:

  • Bruinsveem - Zaanstad
  • CT Vrede Amsterdam
  • CT Vrede HoogTij
  • CT Vrede Zijkanaal H
  • Holland Cargo Terminal (HCT) - Amsterdam
  • SCS Multiport - Amsterdam
  • USA / Ter Haak Amsterdam
  • VCK Scandia Terminal - Amsterdam
  • VCK Waterland terminal - Amsterdam

If, in addition to one of the above locations, you call at another location in the port of Amsterdam, you are required to submit a standard statement of inland port dues and not a statement per TEU transhipped.

Do I need to take account of any charges other than inland harbour dues when I enter the Zaanstad-Amsterdam port waters?

You are liable to pay inland harbour dues when you enter the Zaanstad-Amsterdam port waters. You pay once for the entire area.

The inland harbour dues grant you access to the port waters, where you can moor at one of the public berths in the area.

You can also bunker 6 m3 of drinking water at the Haparandadam water dispensing station without additional charge. You can also dispose of your household waste, free of charge, at the Haparandadam household waste collection point. You use your SAB card (zero tariff) to gain free access to the drinking water and/or household waste collection facilities.

A fee is charged for mooring reservations. You will also be charged for any use of ship-to-shore power

Must I always use TEU tariffs when I transport containers?

No, you can also submit a statement for a specific period, for example for one week.

When you draw up your statement you can check to find out which will be the most economical option for you. A statement for a one-week stay will usually be less expensive for a transshipment of larger numbers of containers.

I will enter both the Zaanstad and/or Amsterdam port waters and the Amsterdam inland waterways during my stay. Will I need to pay twice?

No, a statement for inland harbour dues for commercial navigation covers the Zaanstad port waters, Amsterdam port waters and Amsterdam inland waterways for the period specified in the statement.

However, the opposite is not the case. A statement for inland waterways dues for commercial navigation submitted to the City of Amsterdam covers only the Amsterdam inland waterways for the period specified in the statement.

How do I receive my invoices?

Invoices are sent by e-mail. Didn't receive anything, not even in your spam folder? E-mail us at and we'll quickly find out for you.

Are fines also collected automatically?  

No, you will receive an invoice by e-mail with a payment link.

Can I receive an invoice for each statement?

Yes, you can. You can specify this in your ‘My account’ settings.

Exemptions and dispensations

How I can apply for exemption for my vessel?

You submit a digital application for exemption via the statement for inland harbour dues that you submit to

In the 'New statement: Step 1 of 2 – Enter your details’ screen, next to 'Exemption applicable', you click on 'Yes'. You can then click on the exemption applicable to your vessel.

When do I come into consideration for exemption?

The following vessel situations come into consideration for the exemption of inland harbour dues:

  • Vessels moored at the designated moorings in connection with the statutory sailing times and resting periods. These are the moorings along the Surinamekade, IJplein and Slik north of the Surinamekade, and the moorings along the Coentunnel Noord and Zuid inlets.
  • Rhine or inland navigation training vessels, navy vessels or merchant shipping vessels.
  • Push tugs with push barges or side-by-side formations that subsequently continue to their destination outside Amsterdam. Please note: with a maximum of two hours and solely at the mouth of the Westhaven (ADM-haven).
  • Vessels that, in the opinion of Port of Amsterdam and the Municipality of Zaanstad, fulfil a primarily social function.
When does my vessel come into consideration for dispensation?

The following vessels are granted dispensation from inland harbour dues:

  • Vessels used for public duties carried out by the relevant municipality, national government or Province.
  • Rescue boats operated by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution).
  • Vessels in continuous transit through Amsterdam using one of the main waterways (IJ, Amsterdam Rhine Canal and North Sea Channel) and/or a passage through Zijkanaal G and the De Zaan river without utilising any Services).
  • Vessels loading drinking water and/or fuel at recognised water loading and bunker stations.
  • Vessels taking a car on board or off board at a designated vehicle transfer point.
  • Vessels moored at recognised yards, ship repair companies or private marinas.
  • Vessels required to pay port dues.
  • Historic vessels – entered in the National Register of Sailing Monuments – with a Municipality Zaanstad lease that are moored at a mooring designated by the Municipality of Zaanstad.

Submitting a statement

As an agent, can I submit statements on behalf of a number of clients, companies or vessels?

Yes, you can use one account to submit statements on behalf of a number of clients, companies and/or vessels. You must have been given the rights to do this by an administrator.

Log in to and, in the black menu bar at the top of the screen, click on ‘My account’. Next, click on ‘Add new client’, and enter the name and address of the party you represent. Then click on ‘Home’. This now displays the ‘I am submitting the statement on behalf of’ option, which you use to specify the party for whom you are submitting each of the statements you enter.

Can I adjust or cancel a statement after submission?

Yes, you can. You can adjust or cancel your statement until the end of the 28th day after your arrival.

You can log in to and view a list of the statements you have submitted. You also see whether you can adjust or cancel any statement in the list.

Statements falling within the 28-day period can be adjusted or cancelled by clicking on the ‘View’ button.

What should I do when I will be staying for longer or shorter than the standard periods?

You can combine a number of standard periods to cover the period of your stay. Please note that you need to submit separate statements for each of these standard periods.

Will you be staying for a couple of days? The shortest period you can submit in your statement is 1 week (7 consecutive 24-hour days).

Do you submit a statement on the basis of the container tariff? Then your stay period is limited to a maximum of 24 hours.

Can I get help with creating an account or submitting a statement?

Do you need help with creating an account or submitting your first statement? Then please contact our Team Inland Harbour dues via +31 (0)20 523 46 23 or

Can I enter the port waters more than once during a period of stay?

You can enter the Zaanstad and Amsterdam port waters as often as you wish during the period you specified in your statement.

Complaints and objections

Where can I lodge an objection to an invoice or surcharge?

Do you disagree with an invoice or surcharge for inland harbour dues? Then you can submit an objection online.

Objections can be made within 6 weeks. You will receive a reply by e-mail within 5 working days. If it takes longer, we will contact you so that you are aware of the status.

If we find that you have paid too much or too little or have received an unjustified surcharge, we will settle the amount via an invoice or credit note.

Where can I submit a complaint about Inland Harbour Dues?

Do you have a complaint about Inland Harbour Dues? You can submit your complaint online.


Does the port have internet facilities for the submission of statements?

Two public WiFi networks are available in the Municipality of Zaanstad or Port of Amsterdam port waters that you can use free of charge.

Which yards and ship repair facilities have been recognised by Port of Amsterdam and the Municipality of Zaanstad?
  • Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
  • Damen Shiprepair Oranjewerf (Amsterdam)
  • Zikking en Schriek B.V. (Amsterdam)
  • Klaas Mulder (Zaanstad)
  • Wolschrijn (Zaanstad)
  • Orange Nautical Service (Zaanstad)
  • Brouwer dok (Zaanstad)
  • Holland Jachtbouw (Zaanstad)
  • Brouwer Kruisbaken (Zaanstad)
  • Brouwer location 3 (Zaanstad)
  • Vooruit (Zaanstad)
  • Julianabrug Kramer (Zaanstad)
  • Molenaar (Zaanstad)
  • Claasen (Zaanstad)
  • Van Leeuwen (Zaanstad)
  • Bijdam (Zaanstad)
  • Desark (Zaanstad)
Where can my vessel moor for compliance with the statutory sailing times and resting periods?

Vessels can moor at the following locations for the purposes of the statutory sailing times and resting periods:

  • Surinamekade
  • IJplein
  • Slik north of the Surinamekade
  • The moorings along the Coentunnel Noord and Zuid inlets
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If you have any questions, please contact the Inland Harbour Dues team.



This is how we handle your data

You have created an account for submitting statements for Inland Harbour Dues. Port of Amsterdam uses your data exclusively to process these statements. We will not request any data from you other than that required for this purpose. You have the option to make changes to your account and/or have it deleted.

Read more

If your account has been inactive for three years, you have satisfied all your obligations for the payment of Inland Harbour Dues, and Port of Amsterdam has also fulfilled all its statutory obligations (e.g. toward the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration), we will delete your data. We are required to do so under the GDPR. You can always create a new account next time you call on our port.

As an interested party, you have the following rights: the right to access your data, the right to object to the data processing, the right to correct your personal or other data and the right to have all or a portion of your personal or other data deleted.

If you would like to exercise any of the above rights, including the deletion or modification of your data, please contact

If you have your account deleted, we will also delete the data we have in our system for processing your payment of the Inland Harbour Dues, unless we require this data to complete the processing of your Inland Harbour Dues statements or in order to fulfil other statutory requirements.