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The offshore industry is important to the Port of Amsterdam. Thanks to its location, space, expertise and infrastructure, the port region is the ideal location for offshore activities.

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Offshore activiteiten

For you: everything about offshore wind in North Holland

What does offshore wind mean for the economy and employment in the province?

The report 'The economic contribution of offshore wind in North Holland' contains all the findings.

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Offshore ladingstromen

Offshore in Amsterdam

For Amsterdam, offshore is a growing market. The Amsterdam region is home to a wide range of experienced parties and in the port region, there is sufficient space for offshore activities in the area of renewables, oil and gas and repair and decommissioning.

Combined with a favourable geographical location in relation to the North Sea and connections to the hinterland, means an important role for Amsterdam in the offshore industry.

Offshore wind


The largest wind farms at sea will be built off the coast of the Amsterdam metropolitan region in the coming decades. Offshore wind is therefore an enormous growth market for the region.

Offshore wind

Offshore gas en olie

Oil and gas

Due to its flexibility and customization, the Port of Amsterdam is a good outage location for organizations active in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas

Reparatie en ontmanteling van schepen

Repair and decommissioning

Amsterdam is the perfect location for the maintenance of ships. Several companies are active in the port for the repair and decommissioning of ships.

Repair and decommissioning


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  2. HoogTij

All companies in the field of offshore

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Facilities in the Greater Amsterdam Area

  • Deep-sea quays with a depth of up to 17 metres
  • Available space for the development of offshore activities
  • Wide variety of repair and maintenance sites and facilities
  • Tide and weather-independent work area
  • Jacking facilities in various locations
  • Shore power connections available
Amsterdam IJmuiden offshore ports logo

Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP)

Port of Amsterdam works closely with Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports (AYOP). AYOP is the network organisation of the North Sea Canal area in the field of offshore. More than 100 companies active in the maritime and offshore sector are affiliated to it.

Port of Amsterdam and the energy transition

Renewable energy and renewable raw materials are the essential pillars for a new energy and industrial system to be built. In order to remain an energy port in the future, we are looking for new cargo flows and ways to generate sustainable energy. We do this together with the energy customers in the port and with other partners.

Eduard de Visser is Head of Strategy & Innovation at Port of Amsterdam. In this interview he explains how we, as a top-fossil products port, are turning into a sustainable energy port.

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