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Cargo flows

Do you want to transport cargo in Europe? Amsterdam is big in the transhipment and processing of cargo, whether it concerns liquid or dry bulk, project cargo, RoRo, cocoa, non-ferrous metals, containers, or off-shore. You have come to the right place for your cargo.


Amsterdam as a European logistics hub

Amsterdam is the fourth largest port in Western Europe. The Amsterdam port region has an annual cargo transhipment of over 100 million tonnes. Its central location in Europe makes the port easily accessible by water, rail, and road.

This region also specialises in cargo processing. Is Amsterdam your port of choice? Then you can really add value to your cargo.

Business Port of Amsterdam

Why choose Amsterdam

The port of Amsterdam offers you:

  • Storage and transhipment of all types of cargo
  • Cargo handling in the region
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Multimodal connections to Europe
  • Specialized (all weather) terminals and companies
  • All facilities within reach
  • 24/7 tidal independent port with the largest new sea lock in the world
  • Our ambition is a sustainable port

Cargo flows in the Amsterdam port region

Natte bulk in de Amsterdamse haven

Liquid bulk

As the largest petrol port in the world, Amsterdam is a leading player in the oil market. We also like to work with you on renewable energy, such as biofuels, biochemicals, and hydrogen.

Liquid bulk cargo flows and terminals

Droge bulk in de Amsterdamse haven

Dry bulk

The Amsterdam port area is a leading player in dry bulk. Our specialised terminals take care of the shipping, storage, and transport of all types of dry bulk for you.

Dry bulk cargo flows and companies

Stukgoed en projectlading in de Amsterdamse haven

Project cargo

For general cargo and project cargo, we serve all your diverse cargo needs with specialised terminals. For example, we have four terminals for all weather conditions and several heavy-lift cranes.

Breakbulk and project cargo

Roro en automotive in de Amsterdamse haven


Cars, trucks, or heavy machinery? The Amsterdam port area is an excellent location for roll-on roll-off logistics and the storage and transhipment of motor vehicles. With complete, ready-made logistics.

RoRo facilities and companies

Verbindingen en vemen Cacao


The port of Amsterdam is the largest harbour in the world when it comes to the import of cocoa beans. All necessary facilities for transhipment and production are available in the Amsterdam region.

Cocoa facilities and companies

Non-ferro metalen in de Amsterdamse haven

Non-ferrous metals

Our Amsterdam terminals and warehouse companies are excellent locations for the storage, transhipment, and transit of non-ferrous metal packages.

Non-ferrous metals storage and transhipment

Containers in de Amsterdamse haven


With specialized terminals, we serve all your diverse cargo needs. For example, we have four terminals for all weather conditions and several heavy-lift cranes with a lifting capacity of 1,400 tonnes.

Containers facilities and companies

Offshore in de Amsterdamse haven


Due to its favourable location, space, expertise, and infrastructure, the port region is the ideal location for offshore activities such as wind, oil & gas, and repair and decommissioning.

Offshore facilities and companies

Direct contact with our expert

Do you have a question about cargo flows? Please get in touch with me.

Roon van Maanen
Roon van Maanen

Head Energy & Circular Industry

+31 20 523 45 36

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