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About Port of Amsterdam

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Mission and vision

Our mission is to create pioneering value. This mission flows over into our vision for 2030, in which we see the Amsterdam port area as a dynamic, international metropolis port, which characterizes itself by synergizing the following: 

  • Port, industry, and circular economy in the city and region 
  • Worldwide cargo flows, regional recycling, local energy production, and manufacturing 
  • Logistics and corporate-financial services


The vision forms the base for our strategy 2021-2025: Take the lead. By 2025, we want to be a leading European sea port, a frontrunner in the transition to a sustainable society.

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Key duties

Port of Amsterdam has three core duties: 

  • Developing the port region into a magnet for businesses and continuous improvement of the services we provide to customers.
  • Construction, maintenance and upgrading of the physical infrastructure and the management of the Amsterdam port area.
  • Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly handling of maritime traffic in the North Sea Canal Area, including through regulations and enforcement. Central Nautical Management (Centraal Nautisch Beheer/CNB) has outsourced these operations to Port of Amsterdam’s Harbour Master’s Division.


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The Amsterdam port area is always striving to do better.    

That’s why we continuously work on our accessibility and on a smooth, safe and transparent vessel traffic process. We are working on developing a future-proof port area by taking the lead and investing in circular activities and the acceleration of the energy transition.

Real change and progress can only be achieved together. That's our goal.

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What's new?

About Port of Amsterdam April 25 . 2024
The Port of Amsterdam’s annual report published today shows that the port is in transition. While revenues rose to €190.4 million, transhipment fell to 63 million tonnes. This is mainly due to a decline in fossil fuel transhipment.
Ontwikkeling groene waterstofcorridor Amsterdam Bilbao
Business April 18 . 2024
Together with our international partners, we signed two new agreements that herald a next phase in the development of a corridor between the Spanish port of Bilbao and the port of Amsterdam for green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.
Business April 15 . 2024
Last January Greenergy announced completion of its upgrade to the biofuels plant in the port of Amsterdam. Due to this upgrade, production capability has increased by as much as 25 percent, and the plant can now process more diverse feedstocks to meet the rising demand for waste-based biofuels.


On our press page, you will the following information: 

  • Port of Amsterdam's core values 
  • Press releases 
  • Press materials, such as images and downloads 


Do you have a question you would like to ask? Call our general number 020 534 00 or view the contact details of our various departments.

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