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The Amsterdam port is about 1,200 hectares in size. Port of Amsterdam manages and operates this area and focuses on growth of bio- and synthetic fuels, hydrogen activities, circular and manufacturing industry. We are working intensively with clients and partners to make the port operate faster, smarter and cleaner. By 2050, the port of Amsterdam will be climate neutral.

Within Port of Amsterdam, our Harbour Master Division is responsible for safe, smooth shipping supervision, inspection and incident response. It operates on behalf of the (State) Harbour Master, who is mandated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the municipalities around the North Sea Canal, including Amsterdam, among others. Every year, about 7,000 ocean-going vessels and thousands of inland vessels visit the North Sea Canal area.

Board and Harbour Master

The board of Port of Amsterdam consists of Koen Overtoom (Chief Executive Officer), Alexander Kousbroek (Chief Financial Officer) and Dorine Bosman (Chief Investment Officer). Milembe Mateyo is the (Rijks) Harbour Master.

Koen Overtoom

Koen Overtoom, Chief Executive Officer

Koen Overtoom studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam. He started his career in the Amsterdam port as Manager of Logistics, for Unieveem BV. After Unieveem, he became General Manager for Ter Haak Warehousing and Logistics, where he was in charge of storage and logistical activities.

For the past 15 years, he has worked for Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. Successively as Sales Director Germany, Cluster Manager Containers, Breakbulk and Logistics, Commercial Manager and Operational Manager. As of December 2016, Koen started as Chief Executive Officer at Havenbedrijf Amsterdam.

Because of Koen's participation in the BOZ, he is an active member of AB NML. He is also a member of the Regulatory Council of Port of Zwolle. Starting in 2018, he has taken on the role of Energy commissioner in the port region of Amsterdam.

Dorine Bosman Chief Investment Officer Port of Amsterdam

Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer

After her geophysics studies, Dorine Bosman for Shell for multiple years, in the United States and Australia, among others. In the last five years at Shell, she was the head of the Offshore Wind group in the New Energies division at Shell.

In her role as CIO, Dorine Bosman is responsible for the departments infrastructure, space and environment and the stakeholders. Furthermore, Dorine is focused on strengthening Amsterdam as a sustainable European sea port, as well as stimulating and accelerating the energy transition and circular activities in the port and in the North Sea Channel region.

Alexander Kousbroek CFO Port of Amsterdam

Alexander Kousbroek, Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Kousbroek started working for Port of Amsterdam in 2015, becoming head of Finance and Control in 2016. During that time, he has learnt a lot about the port and about the financial organisation of the port industry. Alexander took on the role of ad interim CFO on 1 February 2020.

As CFO, Alexander Kousbroek is responsible for the departments Finance & Control, Risk management, Business Control, Information Technology, Purchasing and Legal affairs.

Milembe Mateyo

Milembe Mateyo, Harbour Master

Milembe Mateyo studied Urban Design at the TU Delft and started her career as an urban planner at a design and advice agency. Later, she went on to work for the municipality of Haarlem and the municipality of Zaanstad.

In 2009, Milembe started working for Port of Amsterdam. She has had multiple roles, such as head of Space and Environment and as a strategic advisor for the Harbour Master's Division. In the latter role, she acquired a lot of knowledge on incident control and intensively worked with the safety regions and the North Sea Channel municipalities.

In November 2019, Milembe Mateyo was appointed Harbour Master of Amsterdam, Rijks Harbour Master North Sea Channel and director Centraal Nautisch Beheer.

Supervisory Board

  • Bartho Boer 
  • Mieke Pigeaud-Wijdeveld 
  • Jan Lagasse (voorzitter) 
  • Anne Marie Magis 
  • Evert den Boer 

Annual report

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