Stadhaven Minerva

Experience the port

Experiencing the port yourself is a special experience. Viewing live images, cycling or a tour in the port area. It's all possible. What do you choose?

Live footage of the IJ near Amsterdam Central Station

Live footage of the IJ near IJmuiden

We zijn ervan op de hoogte dat de webcams niet altijd goed werken. We werken aan een oplossing.

Cycling or sailing in the port of Amsterdam


Cycling in the port

There are four cycling routes at different locations in the port. Each route has information points where experts tell you about shipping, nature and the history of the port. The four routes are:

  • Stadhaven route - 5 km
  • Hemhaven route - 15 km
  • Westhaven route - 15 km
  • Ruigoord route - 18 km

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Harbour tours

The Port of Amsterdam harbour tour takes you to places that are normally only accessible for commercial shipping. Reviews from visitors:

  • "A very pleasant afternoon with lots of info and a totally new perspective on Amsterdam."
  • "Great guide! Fascinating, to the end. Listened full of concentration to interesting information. Learned a lot!"
  • "The port of Amsterdam from the water! You don't see that very often."

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Drone video of the construction of the largest sea lock in the world

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A new large sea lock is being constructed at the entrance of the North Sea Canal at IJmuiden. It will provide access to the Amsterdam port region.

New drone pictures monitoring the progress of the construction of the new sea lock from the air are made every three months. Have a look at the latest drone pictures.

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