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Everything about our waterways, including the IJmuiden Sea Lock, the biggest sea lock in the world.

The North Sea Canal

  • From the locks up to the Mercuriushaven, the depth of the North Sea Canal is 15 metres below Normal Amsterdam Level (NAP). From the Mercuriushaven up to the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, the depth is 11 metres below NAP.
  • The North Sea Canal runs from the IJmuiden locks to the Coenhaven. East of the Coenhaven, the waterway is called River IJ and continues up to the Oranjesluizen, the locks located in the eastern part of Amsterdam.
  • The maximum permitted arrival draught (in seawater and subject to conditions) for ships passing through the IJmuiden North Lock and the North Sea Canal is 13.75 metres.
  • The maximum permitted departure draught (in fresh water and subject to conditions) for ships passing through the North Sea Canal and the IJmuiden North Lock is 14.05 metres.
  • Ships with deeper draughts (up to 17.80 metres in seawater) can be lightered at the lightering facility west of the IJmuiden lock complex.
  • Vessel traffic services are provided from the Harbour Operation Centre (HOC) at IJmuiden. For VTS purposes, these VHF sector channels are used.
Mercuriushaven krijgt vaste boeienopstelling
Sluis IJmuiden

The IJmuiden Sea Lock

  • The IJmuiden Sea Lock facilitates the new generation of larger ships and allows them to navigate through the North Sea Canal safely and smoothly.
  • The Sea Lock is tide-independent and ships can pass through 24/7.