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  1. News item 20-07-2018
    Possibility of special passage regime at sea lock due to drought
    The National Water Distribution Committee has issued a request for measure scenarios to be formulated, with the aim of limiting saltwater intrusion via the locks at IJmuiden as a result of the drought in the Netherlands. These scenarios are currently being developed. One possible option is to... read more »
  2. News item 19-07-2018
    Greenergy acquires biodiesel plant in the Port of Amsterdam
    Greenergy has reached an agreement with Oiltanking, a leading tank terminal operator, to purchase an idle biodiesel manufacturing facility located at Oiltanking’s site in Amsterdam. The acquisition of a third biodiesel plant will allow Greenergy to meet growing demand for waste-based biofuel in... read more »
  3. Event 18-07-2018
    Chem Together Meeting
    Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam (ILCA) and Port of Amsterdam kindly invite you to the next Chemistry platform Amsterdam meet-up: Chem Together on 11 September 2018 read more »
  4. News item 12-07-2018
    The new sea lock - what's happening in July?
    Despite the delay in the construction of the sea lock reported this month, activities are continuing apace. July is devoted to construction work on the lock gate chamber of the outer head; this is the lock gate chamber on the seaward side (no. 1 in the picture). The builder is also going to prepare... read more »
  5. News item 10-07-2018
    Carbon emissions in North Sea Canal Area to be reduced by half by 2030
    Industrial companies based in the North Sea Canal Area seek to cut carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, bringing them down from the current level of 15 megatons. Virtually all circular waste flows must be recycled by 2050 and carbon emissions minimised. In committing to these targets, the area aims to... read more »
  6. News item 09-07-2018
    Construction of deep-sea quay now underway in HoogTij
    The construction of a 900-metre-deep deep-sea quay near the HoogTij business park along the North Sea Canal is set to begin this summer. HoogTij is divided into two parts: a site reserved for port-related companies (the maritime section) and a site intended for land-based companies (the land... read more »
  7. News item 03-07-2018
    Delay in completion of sea lock
    The new sea lock, which will be the world’s largest, will be opened later than initially planned. Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, informed the Dutch House of Representatives of the modified schedule for the completion of the lock near IJmuiden today.... read more »
  8. News item 02-07-2018
    Standardisation of ethanol prices in Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp region
    Platts has extended its pricing for ethanol from FOB Rotterdam to FOB ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), effective 1 May 2018. This means additional charges on the storage and transhipment of ethanol in Amsterdam have been discontinued and that Port of Amsterdam is now able to charge the same... read more »
  9. News item 26-06-2018
    Train gains ground in goods transport
    Parties involved in the transport of goods by rail have reached agreement with State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven on a package of measures designed to make goods transport by rail more sustainable and more attractive. The measures include a large reduction in the user fee, deployment in... read more »