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Annual report 2023: Amsterdam port in full transition

The Port of Amsterdam’s annual report published today shows that the port is in transition. While revenues rose to €190.4 million, transhipment fell to 63 million tonnes. This is mainly due to a decline in fossil fuel transhipment.
Ontwikkeling groene waterstofcorridor Amsterdam Bilbao

Development of green hydrogen corridor Bilbao and Amsterdam enters new phase

Together with our international partners, we signed two new agreements that herald a next phase in the development of a corridor between the Spanish port of Bilbao and the port of Amsterdam for green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives.

Greenergy increases biodiesel production capacity and feedstock capability

Last January Greenergy announced completion of its upgrade to the biofuels plant in the port of Amsterdam. Due to this upgrade, production capability has increased by as much as 25 percent, and the plant can now process more diverse feedstocks to meet the rising demand for waste-based biofuels.
werkzaamheden a7

Extra travel time to and from Amsterdam port due to construction work on A7

Rijkswaterstaat is going to strengthen the bridge in the A7, over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal near Purmerend. During construction work, the bridge will remain open to traffic on a limited basis. Road users should expect major disruption and substantial extra travel time. The construction work will start on 1 April and will last about eight months.
uitreiking medaille Ellen Ruhotas

Hydrogen Medal for Ellen Ruhotas

Today, Ellen Ruhotas (Zenith Energy Terminals Europe) was the recipient of a Hydrogen Medal for her extraordinary efforts to develop an innovative green hydrogen chain, which could be of great importance for the hydrogen import position of Amsterdam, and, by extension, the Netherlands. The medal was presented to her by Mr. Han Feenstra, one of the founders of the National Hydrogen Program and senior policy advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, on behalf of Port of Amsterdam.
oranjesluizen amsterdam

No harbor dues due to closure of Oranjesluizen complex

The Oranjesluizen complex near Amsterdam has been closed since Wednesday evening due to the water level in the Markermeer and is expected to remain out of operation until Thursday, January 11. Ships unable to leave the city due to the closure will not be charged harbour dues during this period.