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  1. News item 13-11-2019
    Athos tests market interest in CO2 delivery, CO2 usage and storage locations

    Gasunie, EBN, Port of Amsterdam and Tata Steel are working together as Athos, on the development of a CCUS project in the North Sea Canal area. The parties recently completed a feasibility study and announced that they will continue the project by conducting various follow-up studies. Athos now... read more »

  2. News item 12-11-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in November and December?

    In the last two months of this year, OpenIJ will be busy with the installation of pipes and cables and with the construction of the road next to the guard wall (number 1 in the picture). Work also continues on the lock sill of the outer head (number 2 in the picture) and on the lock operating... read more »

  3. Press release 08-11-2019
    Substantial expansion of the storage of hazardous substances in the Amsterdam/Schiphol region

    CJHendriks Group will open its new warehouse for packaged hazardous goods on 15 November. With a warehouse of 6700m2, CJHendriks Group is considerably expanding the storage of these substances. read more »

  4. News item 29-10-2019
    Film launch: Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way

    Tuesday 29 October is the day of the internet and also the date of the launch of the film: Digital solutions, the Amsterdam way. The film Digital Solutions, the Amsterdam way, shows how Port of Amsterdam and its clients realize digital solutions that contribute to a smarter, faster and cleaner port. read more »

  5. News item 21-10-2019
    Bio-based welding-gas production facility to open in the port of Amsterdam

    The US-based Taronis Fuels will be launching its first-ever production facility in Western Europe in the port of Amsterdam. The new site will be dedicated to the production of bio-based welding gas, a fuel type commonly used in the construction and shipbuilding industries. read more »