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  1. Press release 17-12-2018
    Amsterdam Port Plastic Hub continues to expand with arrival of new plant

    The circular plastics hub in the Port of Amsterdam is expanding through the construction of a new plastics recycling plant. Plastic Recycling Amsterdam (PRA), a collaboration between Umincorp and Milieu Service Nederland, commenced construction of a plant this week. This plant, which can be... lees meer »

  2. News item 13-11-2018
    PTA Director René Kouwenberg receives award

    René Kouwenberg (63) has been presented with the Frans Banninck Cocq Medal in connection with the announcement of his retirement as Director of Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA). Kouwenberg will retire on 1 January 2019. lees meer »

  3. News item 13-11-2018
    Dick de Graaff appointed new Director of PTA

    Dick de Graaff, MA (48) has been appointed the new Director of Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) effective 1 January 2019. He is succeeding René Kouwenberg who will retire on the same date. lees meer »

  4. News item 12-11-2018
    Satisfied with the way we keep you informed? Please let us know!

    Rijkswaterstaat, OpenIJ building consortium and Port of Amsterdam would like to know your opinion about the way we keep you informed about the new sea lock at IJmuiden. lees meer »

  5. News item 12-11-2018
    Lock gates for the new sea lock are on their way

    Two weeks ago, the gates for the new sea lock at IJmuiden were loaded on a ship for transport from South Korea to the Netherlands. They are expected to arrive here in about two months. lees meer »

  6. News item 12-11-2018
    Three questions to Wouter Bulthuis of Rijkswaterstaat

    The new sea lock will be the largest sea lock in the world. This means that when the new lock will be used, more salt water will flow into the North Sea Canal. What is Rijkswaterstaat doing about the salt water? That is what we ask Wouter Bulthuis, Area Manager of the Selective Extraction of... lees meer »

  7. News item 12-11-2018
    Safety first

    Inspectors call the IJmond Sea Entrance Project an example project in the field of safety. All employees are involved in the well-established safety culture. This is the result of agreements between the client (Rijkswaterstaat) and the contractor (OpenIJ). Contract Manager Wop Schat of... lees meer »

  8. News item 12-11-2018
    The control building: a festive beacon of design with a rock-like appearance

    The control building for the new sea lock at IJmuiden is clearly taking shape. The building has reached its highest point. According to IBB Kondor Project Leader, Steffan Haver, it is important to celebrate this milestone, especially with a complex project such as this one. But now that the... lees meer »

  9. News item 12-11-2018
    Digging with CCTV cameras and robot arms

    Using CCTV cameras and robot arms, OpenIJ is dredging away the soil under the lock gate chambers of the new sea lock at IJmuiden. This way, the caissons are lowered slowly but surely into place. Design Manager Sipke Huitema explained how the caisson method works and what makes this process so... lees meer »

  10. News item 07-11-2018
    The new sea lock - what's happening in November and December?

    November and December will be dominated by the transportation of the lock gates from South Korea, the sinking operation of the lock gate chamber of the outer head (number 1 in the picture) and the construction activities on the walls of the flood defence (number 2 in the picture). Meanwhile, work... lees meer »