More than 260,000 square meters of solar panels in the Amsterdam port

On February 2, Port of Amsterdam opened the new roof of solar panels on Kopraweg 3 in Amsterdam. The roof consists of 4,911 solar panels, which amounts to a total capacity of 2 Megawatt peak. The sum total of solar panels in the port now amounts to 260,000 square meters.

Roon van Maanen, head of Energy & Circular Industry at Port of Amsterdam: “The opening of the roof is a milestone for Port of Amsterdam. Our goal was to have a total of 250,000 square meters of solar panels in the port by the end of 2024. It is only the start of 2023, and we have exceeded this goal. That is why we have decided to scale it up to 350,000 square meters, with a total capacity of 63 Megawatt peak, by the end of 2024. By doing this, Port of Amsterdam will be responsible for 20% of the municipal objective of 300 Megawatt peak by 2025.

A special courtesy goes out to our clients. The bulk of our solar panels have been established on their roofs, which means our clients are playing an important role in the energy transition.

The energy transition is more urgent than ever

There are a lot of solar panels in the port and the city. But a lot of the available roof surface is left unused, whereas the energy transition is more urgent than ever before. Not every roof is easily utilized for solar power. For example, roofs with complicated structures or roofs that require innovative solutions, such as lightweight solar panels.

Zita Pels, councillor Sustainability for the municipality of Amsterdam: “The municipality is dedicated to taking away obstacles and offering help in regards to solar power. Companies in Amsterdam can make use of free solar panel advice and guidance. Additionally, the municipality has acquired free QuickScans for large roofs. Companies can also get going by making use of The Amsterdam Duurzaamheidsfonds. Our goal is to make use of all suitable roofs for generating solar energy by 2024, an accumulation of around 1,100 Megawatt peak.”