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  1. Press release 29-10-2018
    Lock Operation Centre of the new sea lock at IJmuiden reaches its highest point

    One year after the start of the construction on 9 October 2017, the contours of the striking object halfway along the southern lock chamber wall are clearly visible. A distinctive characteristic of the design is that the 18 metre high building inclines towards the lock at an angle of 15 degrees.... lees meer »

  2. News item 26-10-2018
    Marqt and Picnic open last-mile delivery hub in Vervoerscentrum and Alfadriehoek

    The fact that the Vervoerscentrum and the Alfadriehoek are ideally located for last-mile delivery and urban distribution is being confirmed by a growing number of companies. Marqt and Picnic both opened a last-mile hub in the Port of Amsterdam on 1 October 2018. Last-mile delivery refers to the... lees meer »

  3. News item 25-10-2018
    'Behind the scenes' at Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day

    Last Friday 19 October, the University of Amsterdam's Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences (HIMS), ILCA and the Port of Amsterdam hosted the annual Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day (ACID). In total over 150 participants, coming from the chemistry industry, SMEs, universities and the... lees meer »

  4. News item 21-10-2018
    Half of small companies are targeted by cyber criminals

    Internet criminals tried to steal funds or data from more than half (52%) of small companies in 2018, as is revealed by the Cybersecurity Awareness survey that Alert Online conducted among companies in the SME sector. Phishing and acquisition fraud are the most common methods used in these attacks... lees meer »

  5. News item 21-10-2018
    Cyber skills test

    Click on this Alert Online webpage (in Dutch) to carry out the test and find out whether you are alert enough online lees meer »

  6. News item 21-10-2018
    Wilma van Dijk, Director of Safety, Security & Environment at Schiphol Group, calls on cyber victims to report incidents

    Wilma van Dijk, Director of Safety, Security & Environment at Schiphol Group, says that ‘We have 184 companies in our ecosystem, most of which are small companies. They cooperate with us in really addressing cybersecurity.’ She says that it is essential that companies report incidents. lees meer »

  7. News item 21-10-2018
    Cybersecurity week

    The 2018 Cybersecurity Week, held from 8 through 14 October, was organised as part of the European Cybersecurity Month. lees meer »

  8. Regulation 19-10-2018
    Behind the scenes @Amsterdam & ACID 19 October 2018

    On Friday 19 October, the VNCI, Port of Amsterdam, and the University of Amsterdam will host Behind the scenes @Amsterdam & ACID at Amsterdam Science Park. The event will be combined with the Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day (ACID), the annual joint event of the UvA's Van 't Hoff Institute... lees meer »

  9. News item 18-10-2018
    Samskip Netherlands-Italy rail service launch brings multimodal benefits to Amsterdam

    Officially launched on October 17, the connection sees trains depart from Melzo east of Milan three times a week, to be ready for unloading along 750m intermodal rail tracks inside TMA Logistics' Holland Cargo Terminal (HCT), Amsterdam 24 hours later. lees meer »

  10. Press release 18-10-2018
    Nouryon, Tata Steel, and Port of Amsterdam partner to develop the largest green hydrogen cluster in Europe

    Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals), Tata Steel and the Port of Amsterdam have joined together to study the feasibility of a large green hydrogen cluster in the Amsterdam region. The three parties consider green hydrogen as vital for reaching climate targets and building a more... lees meer »