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FincoEnergies ready to supply bio-methanol to the maritime sector, starting in Port of Amsterdam.

The maritime sector has just become one step closer to clean, emission-free shipping. A collaboration between FincoEnergies and the Port of Amsterdam has resulted in a permit for FincoEnergies to supply bio-methanol to maritime consumers within the Amsterdam port area.

FincoEnergies is the first operational supplier of this specific product in The Netherlands. Thanks to a fully sustainable production process (well-to-wheel), a certified CO2 reduction of no less than 92.4% can be achieved with bio-methanol compared to conventional fossil fuels. FincoEnergies will offer bio-methanol under the GoodFuels brand.

Bio-methanol, a renewable and sustainable fuel, is an important step forward in reducing the environmental footprint of the maritime sector. Through this initiative, FincoEnergies and the Port of Amsterdam contribute to the global effort to counter the adverse effects of climate change.

In recent months, a special project team has been working hard to make bio-methanol available for use on the water. FincoEnergies had to adapt its entire supply chain to offer the product swiftly and effectively. The Port of Rotterdam and the Port of Amsterdam have conducted a safety audit, after which a license to supply bio-methanol to FincoEnergies was granted. “FincoEnergies is constantly looking for various sustainable energy carriers that can be used on land and water. Everything is aimed at supporting customers as optimally as possible in achieving their sustainability goals,” says Daan Faber, Project Manager Business Innovation. “We see bio-methanol as an effective and scalable way to reduce emissions in the maritime sector as soon as possible. It is valuable to see that our partners share this vision. Thanks to the great collaboration with Port of Amsterdam, we can now start supplying this sustainable fuel.”

“We congratulate FincoEnergies with this important new step in their mission to help customers in their energy transition,” says Roon van Maanen, Director Energy & Circular Industry at Port of Amsterdam. “Being able to offer bio-methanol in the Amsterdam port area is in line with Port of Amsterdam's vision to be a forerunner in the energy transition. Thanks to our partnership with FincoEnergies, we are once again closer to a greener port and a strong, resilient maritime industry.”

FincoEnergies and Port of Amsterdam aim to expand the use of bio-methanol within the maritime industry. Through collaborations with shipowners, operators and other ports, they want to increase the availability and use of this sustainable biofuel. Together they contribute to a cleaner maritime sector and a better world for future generations.