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werkzaamheden a7

Extra travel time to and from Amsterdam port due to construction work on A7

Rijkswaterstaat is going to strengthen the bridge in the A7, over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal near Purmerend. During construction work, the bridge will remain open to traffic on a limited basis. Road users should expect major disruption and substantial extra travel time. The construction work will start on 1 April and will last about eight months.
oranjesluizen amsterdam

No harbor dues due to closure of Oranjesluizen complex

The Oranjesluizen complex near Amsterdam has been closed since Wednesday evening due to the water level in the Markermeer and is expected to remain out of operation until Thursday, January 11. Ships unable to leave the city due to the closure will not be charged harbour dues during this period.
oranjesluizen amsterdam

The secure reopening of the Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam is being tested

Press release by Rijkswaterstaat

Today, Rijkswaterstaat will start testing the Noorder, Midden and Zuidersluis and the Prins Willem Alexandersluis to see if the Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam can be safely opened again. If these tests go well, ships can engage in lockage again.
Binnenvaart okt 1.jpg

Removal of waiting places for push barges in the Wim Thomassenhaven

Due to the accomodation of refugees by the municipality of Zaanstad, a number of berths for barges in the Wim Thomassenhaven will disappear during the fourth quarter. For further information, please contact to the municipality of Zaanstad. Alternatives for mooring push barges are available in the Westhaven, the ADM haven, the Suezhaven and in the Hornhaven.

New owner Rietlanden bids farewell to coals

Coals terminal Rietlanden, which was owned by the Japanese company JERA Global Markets, has been sold to Rhenus Group, a big logistics player in tranport and storage. In a joint statemnt, both companies confirmed this today. With the sale, Port of Amsterdam has secured there will be no more coal transhipment from 2030. The new owner will transform Rietlanden into a terminal where other types of non-fossil cargo will be transhipped. Rhenus and Port of Amsterdam will work this out further in the future.
Routescanner thumb

Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Port of Amsterdam join forces with Routescanner

From this week, Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Port of Amsterdam are offering Routescanner’s ‘Direct Connections’ on their websites. This service shows all available connections from the ports. Routescanner is the route planner for container shipping and shows not only the fastest container routes, but also the most sustainable.