werkzaamheden a7

Extra travel time to and from Amsterdam port due to construction work on A7

Rijkswaterstaat is going to strengthen the bridge in the A7, over the Noordhollandsch Kanaal near Purmerend. During construction work, the bridge will remain open to traffic on a limited basis. Road users should expect major disruption and substantial extra travel time. The construction work will start on 1 April and will last about eight months.

During the construction works, one half of the bridge will remain open to traffic in both directions. This stretch of road will have four narrowed lanes, two towards Amsterdam and two towards the north. The speed limit on the bridge will be reduced to 70 km/h.

The following entrances and exits will be closed:

  • Exit 4 Purmerend-Zuid towards Hoorn
  • Exit 5 Purmerend in the direction of Zaandam
  • Exit 5 Purmerend from the direction of Zaandam

Exit 4 Purmerend-Zuid from the direction of Hoorn will remain open. Diversions routes will be set up.

Substantially longer travel time

Rijkswaterstaat expects major disruption and substantial extra travel time for traffic on the A7 at Purmerend in both directions. Road users should take into account narrowed lanes, a lower speed limit, a weight restriction (for trucks heavier than 30 tonnes) and closed entries and exits of the A7 at Purmerend. Traffic normally using the A7 to reach the port of Amsterdam will also be affected by these roadworks and should take extra travel time into account.

Informational meeting 2 March

To inform and involve the transport sector about the construction work, planning and traffic measures, Rijkswaterstaat is organising an informational meeting on Saturday 2 March 2024. There will be room to ask questions and engage with each other. You can register via the Rijkswaterstaat website.

More information about the work can also be found on the Rijkswaterstaat website: https://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/wegen/projectenoverzicht/a7-versterking-brug-purmerend