oranjesluizen amsterdam

The secure reopening of the Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam is being tested

Press release by Rijkswaterstaat

Today, Rijkswaterstaat will start testing the Noorder, Midden and Zuidersluis and the Prins Willem Alexandersluis to see if the Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam can be safely opened again. If these tests go well, ships can engage in lockage again.

It's expected that this will happen over the course of Thursday (11th of January). Skippers will be informed about this as soon as possible through a Notice to Mariners (BAS) and vaarweginformatie.nl. The Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam has been closed for shipping since Wednesday evening, 19:00 (January 3rd) due to high water levels in the Markermeer.

Lock testing

Locking ships through the Oranjesluizen complex has not been possible since Wednesday evening because the water level at the lock complex was higher than +0.30 NAP. The water level in the Markermeer has since receded. However, due to the wind, the water level at the lock complex is still high. Rijkswaterstaat will start testing today to see if the locks and lock gates, part of the primary water defence, can be safely opened again. Trial lockages will also be carried out today.

Overflow Sluice

In addition to the four locks that allow ship passage, the Oranjesluizen complex in Amsterdam also has an overflow sluice. This has been in use since Sunday, January 7th, to discharge extra water from the Markermeer through the North Sea Canal into the North Sea. The water level of the North Sea Canal has consistently been monitored during this process because the water levels cannot rise too high. The water is then discharged into the North Sea through the Sluice and Pumping Station complex in IJmuiden. So far, over 37 million cubic meters of water have been discharged via the Oranjesluizen.