Traffic Decree of the Director of the Central Nautical Management (CNB) to impose a prohibition to shipping traffic to enter a work area in the Mercuriushaven near the zuidelijke overslagboeien (southern transshipment buoys)

From 25 Sep 2023 until 05 Nov 2023
Area Port basin - Mercuriushaven

- In the area located in the Mercuriushaven near the former southern transshipment buoys, activities will take place for the construction of a new public transshipment location as from 25 September 2023 until 5 November 2023;

- The following activities will be carried out:

- Removal of 3 mooring buoys (zuidelijke afmeerboeien - southern mooring buoys) in the Mercuriushaven

- Installation of mooring and breasting dolphins

- Installation of buoyancy tubes

- Activities in the completion stage.