For period Area Whatsort descending Nr.
01-04-2019 to 01-05-2019 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Salvage operation of 56 obstacles and car wrecks in the North Sea Canal Area 2019/12
08-04-2019 to 10-05-2019 IJmuiden locks Lock passages through the IJmuiden Middle Lock during the closures of the IJmuiden North Lock (see Announcement No. 11/2019) 2019/13
24-08-2016/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Activities and measures in relation to the construction of the IJmuiden New Sea Lock 2016/31
06-01-2019 to 06-12-2019 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adjustment of temporarily oil port area 2019/02
06-08-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adjustment to the Oil Port Area 2018/27