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  • News item 09-12-2021
    Sustainability of Amsterdam port and region under pressure due to congestion on electricity network
    Liander announced that a large part of Amsterdam will be in congestion, including the port area. This means that newly established companies (leads) and existing companies will not receive new or additional electricity. In other words, the power grid is full. This congestion will affect the sustainability of business processes and products of companies in the area, and thus of the port, in the years to come. Because the port plays a crucial role in the city and port’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050, concerns are considerable. This congestion requires the highest priority and creativity from energy companies, governments and politicians in order to be resolved.
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  • News item 08-06-2021
    Plant to convert non-recyclable waste into methanol to be based in Port of Amsterdam
    GIDARA Energy has chosen the port of Amsterdam as the location for its biofuel plant Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA). This plant will convert previously non-recyclable waste into methanol.
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  • News item 28-05-2021
    Eurotank Amsterdam invests in storage for biofuels
    Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA, part of VTTI) is investing in the storage of biofuels.
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  • Press release 16-03-2021
    H2A: towards transhipment of 1 million tons of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port
    Port of Amsterdam and tank storage company Evos aim to import large volumes of green hydrogen into the Amsterdam port. Together with three specialised hydrogen companies, will investigate the feasibility of large scale imports, drawing up a blueprint and outlining a roadmap towards 2030 and beyond. The five parties expect hydrogen to play a central role in the transition to a sustainable energy system. This transition is necessary if we are to meet the European target of becoming climate-neutral by 2050.
    The Amsterdam port area is well positioned to play an important role in this transition.
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  • Press release 12-10-2020
    Samskip expands short sea network with liner service Grangemouth - Amsterdam
    This past Saturday, the ms Vanquish of multimodal logistics company Samskip was welcomed at TMA Logistics in the port of Amsterdam. This reception marked the start of a new container liner service between the Scottish port of Grangemouth (owned by Forth Ports) and Amsterdam.
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  • News item 18-08-2020
    Samskip launches Duisburg - Amsterdam rail service
    Multimodal company Samskip and Nunner Logistics are launching direct rail services between Amsterdam and Duisburg, in a new and far-reaching commitment to shippers using rail, road and waterborne transport services out of two of North Europe’s main container ports.
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  • Press release 16-04-2020
    New Energy port for a sustainable future
    The dredge sludge depot at the former Averijhaven near IJmuiden will soon be developed into an Energy Port. A partnership covenant for the new facility was signed today.
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  • News item 18-01-2020
    Circular disrupts misguided linear system
    The Waste Transformers transform waste into financial value at the location where the waste originates. ‘In this way we offer waste producers the possibility of transforming their own waste into clean energy and more.’
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  • News item 01-10-2019
    Bio-based welding gas production facility to open in the port of Amsterdam
    The US-based Taronis Fuels will be launching its first-ever production facility in Western Europe in the port of Amsterdam. The new site will be dedicated to the production of bio-based welding gas, a fuel type commonly used in the construction and shipbuilding industries.
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  • News item 02-08-2019
    CWT starts largest solar project in the Port of Amsterdam
    More than 41,000 solar panels will generate sustainable energy in the Port of Amsterdam for logistics services provider CWT. Spread across five locations, the panels will together form the largest solar project in Amsterdam.
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