Eurotank opslag tanks

Eurotank Amsterdam invests in storage for biofuels

Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA, part of VTTI) is investing in the storage of biofuels. After a successful trial, the gas oil tanks at the terminal are being converted. This makes the tanks suitable for storing various types of biofuels.

These biofuels, including Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), are produced from used vegetable oils and animal fats, among other things.

Energy transition in the port of Amsterdam

Eurotank Amsterdam is located in the port of Amsterdam. The tanks to be converted have a combined capacity of 75,000 cubic metres. The first phase will be put into use at the end of this year. The project is a great step for ETA and for the port of Amsterdam. One of our strategic objectives is to have 12.5% storage capacity for alternative fuels by 2025. ETA plays an important role in the energy transition to a sustainable society.