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Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations for ocean and river cruises in North West Europe with terminals and berths located in the heart of the city centre and near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam Central Train Station.


Amsterdam is an excellent cruise port destination

The port of Amsterdam has a strong position in the ocean and river cruise market located in the heart of Amsterdam. In addition to the vibrancy of this city full of history, exciting sights, culture and luxury hotels, the port of Amsterdam region offers excellent facilities for ocean and river cruises to Amsterdam. The modern passenger terminal and the berths voor river cruises in Amsterdam are close to all the touristic sights Amsterdam and its surrounding area have to offer. The cruise facilities have an outstanding accessibility (only 20 minutes from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and next to Amsterdam Central Train station), a dedicated touring car terminal and docks for canal cruises. The terminal and the berths combine efficient handling of the ships and luggage with a warm welcome of the passengers and crew members.

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New possibilities with new, biggest sea-lock of the world

The port always seeks opportunities to become faster, smarter and cleaner. With the realization of the new and biggest sea-lock of the world in 2022 (500 meters long, 70 meters wide and 18 meters deep), the port of Amsterdam will be ready to welcome more and bigger ships at the same time. This new lock also offers more capacity 24/7 hours a day, tideless, safe, time efficient and more flexibility. The time to consider new possibilities is now. We welcome you at the port of Amsterdam!

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