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  • Press release 03-02-2023
    More than 260,000 square meters of solar panels in the Amsterdam port
    On February 2, Port of Amsterdam opened the new roof of solar panels on Kopraweg 3 in Amsterdam. The roof consists of 4,911 solar panels, which amounts to a total capacity of 2 Megawatt peak. The sum total of solar panels in the port now amounts to 260,000 square meters.
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  • News item 01-08-2022
    Port of Amsterdam becomes member of Round Table on Responsible Soy
    Port of Amsterdam recently became a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), an initiative that aims to make the soy chain more sustainable. This membership fits in with our ambition to stimulate the sustainable development of supply chains.
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  • Press release 13-07-2022
    HyCC launches 500-megawatt hydrogen project in the port of Amsterdam
    HyCC has launched Project H2era to construct a 500-megawatt green hydrogen plant in the Amsterdam port area. The project, launched in cooperation with the Port of Amsterdam, is a major step forward in the development of the regional hydrogen economy to help decarbonize industry and mobility.
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  • News item 31-03-2022
    Port less dependent on fossil cargo in 2021
    In the year 2021, the Port of Amsterdam was again confronted with the consequences of the energy transition and the Covid pandemic. Transshipment fell, but results increased. The total turnover of non-fossil cargo increased, and therefore the port became less dependent on fossil cargo.
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  • News item 29-10-2020
    Startup ReefSystems installs artificial reef in IJmuiden
    The Amsterdam Startup ReefSystems, based in Prodock, installed artificial reefs in IJmuiden on Monday 26 October to promote biodiversity.
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  • Press release 16-04-2020
    Exchanging employees via 'Havenspot' platform
    At the moment the world is at a standstill or is running at more than full speed. Also in the Amsterdam port in this time of corona crisis, as everywhere in the country, there are companies where the employees are out of work or companies where they just can't handle the work.
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  • Press release 02-03-2020
    Floating battery as clean energy source for city and port
    Under the name Project Clean Amsterdam, Skoon Energy and Port of Amsterdam are launching a floating battery that provides the city and port with clean energy. In this way, the two companies contribute to relieving the burden on the electricity network.
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  • Press release 16-11-2016
    Port of Amsterdam’s approach to noise pollution is unique and has been rewarded
    The beeps emitted by reversing vehicles of the businesses in the port area are safe but annoying. This detracted from the quality of life for the inhabitants of Zaanstad and Westzaan. Port of Amsterdam devised a solution, which has now won the Golden Decibel Award of the Stichting Geluidshinder (Dutch Noise Abatement Foundation).
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