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  • News item 01-08-2022
    Port of Amsterdam becomes member of Round Table on Responsible Soy
    Port of Amsterdam recently became a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS), an initiative that aims to make the soy chain more sustainable. This membership fits in with our ambition to stimulate the sustainable development of supply chains.
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  • Press release 15-07-2022
    Sea cruise in the Port of Amsterdam connected to ship-to-shore power
    The Port of Amsterdam is working towards the energy transition by making sea cruises more sustainable. In 2025, sea cruises will be connected to ship-to-shore power at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA).
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  • Press release 13-07-2022
    HyCC launches 500-megawatt hydrogen project in the port of Amsterdam
    HyCC has launched Project H2era to construct a 500-megawatt green hydrogen plant in the Amsterdam port area. The project, launched in cooperation with the Port of Amsterdam, is a major step forward in the development of the regional hydrogen economy to help decarbonize industry and mobility.
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  • Press release 28-06-2022
    duisport and Port of Amsterdam join forces in development of green hydrogen value chain and hinterland network
    Port of Amsterdam and duisport will expand their long-lasting cooperation, as Markus Bangen, CEO at duisport, and Koen Overtoom, CEO at Port of Amsterdam, have announced that the ports will jointly develop the hydrogen value chain and their hinterland network. The CEOs have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to underline the commitment of their organizations to these shared goals.
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  • News item 23-05-2022
    Windplanblauw and the logistic journey from the port of Amsterdam
    The third wind farm to be facilitated from TMA Logistics in the Amsterdam port after Westermeerwind and Fryslân, Windplanblauw involves 61 brand-new wind turbines around the cities of Lelystad and Dronten.
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  • News item 31-03-2022
    Port less dependent on fossil cargo in 2021
    In the year 2021, the Port of Amsterdam was again confronted with the consequences of the energy transition and the Covid pandemic. Transshipment fell, but results increased. The total turnover of non-fossil cargo increased, and therefore the port became less dependent on fossil cargo.
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  • Press release 10-03-2022
    Port of Amsterdam opts for clean shipping
    Port of Amsterdam, as a leader in the transition to a sustainable society, wants to accelerate making shipping and the maritime sector more sustainable. Today it is publishing the Clean Shipping Vision with clear targets for making shipping more sustainable. Port of Amsterdam is supported in this by the port business community and the maritime industry.
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  • News item 23-02-2022
    H2Gate becomes H2A
    H2Gate becomes H2A as it marks the Amsterdam port area as future import hub through safe and cost-effective green hydrogen carrier technologies.
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  • News item 26-01-2022
    IJmuiden sea lock officially put into operation
    His Majesty the King officially inaugurated operation of the IJmuiden sea lock on Wednesday, 26 January 2022. With a push of a button, King Willem Alexander opened the inner door of the world’s largest sea lock from the Lock Operations Centre (SOC).
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  • News item 09-12-2021
    Sustainability of Amsterdam port and region under pressure due to congestion on electricity network
    Liander announced that a large part of Amsterdam will be in congestion, including the port area. This means that newly established companies (leads) and existing companies will not receive new or additional electricity. In other words, the power grid is full. This congestion will affect the sustainability of business processes and products of companies in the area, and thus of the port, in the years to come. Because the port plays a crucial role in the city and port’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050, concerns are considerable. This congestion requires the highest priority and creativity from energy companies, governments and politicians in order to be resolved.
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