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  • News item 07-05-2021
    Port of Amsterdam installs new smart shore power cabinets
    In the coming months Port of Amsterdam will replace all existing shore power units with smart, green shore power. This will happen to all cabinets in the port area within the ring (A10) of Amsterdam. In total there are 55 cabinets for inland navigation and 16 cabinets for river cruises and super yachts.
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  • News item 07-05-2021
    5 improved facilities in the port
    Recently, Port of Amsterdam has improved or added five facilities in the port. They are a second drinking water tap, extra poles for smaller ships and extra bollards. In addition, regular inland navigation vessels are now allowed to moor at the push barge spots in the Suezhaven. We made these adjustments on the basis of suggestions from inland navigation itself. After all, we ask for feedback after each visit. In this way, we try to facilitate inland navigation as much as possible and we can continuously improve our facilities.
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  • News item 06-05-2021
    Pilot: extension of mooring duration IJhaven
    From now on, inland navigation vessels will be able to extend their mooring duration in the IJhaven even without special circumstances. The extra mooring time will be 3 weeks on top of the standard 7 days, 4 weeks in total. This pilot project is a year-long test to see if it works for both inland navigation and the local residents.
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  • News item 30-11-2020
    Container barges have wind in their sails
    Last week TMA Logistics did a test on container barge Ms Royaal with eConowind. This is a container with collapsible sails that can be sailed partly on wind.
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  • News item 03-11-2020
    Amsterdam port facilitates degassing tests for barges
    Tests with vapour processing installations were carried out in the port of Amsterdam. The aim of the newly developed installations is to process vapours from inland tankers in a safe and controlled way so that they no longer end up in the air. This is an important step towards clean shipping.
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  • Press release 22-09-2020
    First degassing tests for barges underway in Port of Amsterdam
    A trial involving innovative vapour recovery systems was launched in the port of Amsterdam today. The aim is to enable barges to recover vapours safely and in a controlled manner to prevent them from being released into the air. This marks a significant step towards clean shipping.
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  • News item 02-09-2020
    Mooring facility for push barges with trackers
    Port of Amsterdam is continuously improving its facilities and services. From 1 September 2020, barges with trackers will have the privilege of berthing in specially designated mooring areas.
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  • Press release 10-08-2020
    Transhipment in North Sea Canal ports down by more than 10 percent due to coronavirus crisis
    Transhipment in the seaports in the North Sea Canal region fell by 10.7% to 48.7 million tonnes in the first six months of this year. The impact of the global corona virus crisis on the transhipment figures is clear.
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  • News item 02-07-2020
    Questions? Now over to Eef
    Eef, our brand new chatbot, will be inviting boatmasters to ask questions about their visit to Amsterdam. Eef will be coming online this month. ‘We hope that this chatbot will make it far easier for inland navigation boatmasters to obtain information.’
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  • News item 04-05-2020
    New digital web app Arrivals launched
    The new digital web app Arrivals is live. This application gives you access to information about all ship movements in the port of Amsterdam.
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