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Amsterdam Oranjesluizen complex closed due to high water level Markermeer

Press release by Rijkswaterstaat

The Oranjesluizen complex near Amsterdam has been closed since 19:00 on Wednesday evening due to the water level in the Markermeer. As a result, the Noorder, Midden and Zuidersluis and the Prins Willem Alexandersluis are expected to be out of operation until Wednesday 10 January, 19:00.
woon en vaarverkeer

Spotlights on housing blocks 

For years, port areas have been transformed into residential areas by the municipality. Despite these developments, Port of Amsterdam is doing all it can to preserve as many inland waterway waiting berths as possible. Users of the waiting berths have to comply with various rules.
regionale havenverordening

The new Regional Port Byelaws will come into effect per January 1st

As of the 1st of January, the new Regional Port Byelaws will come into effect in the entire North Sea Canal area. The ordinance has been established by the municipalities of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Velsen, and Zaanstad.

Price increase on Harbour Dues 

On January 1st 2024, the Harbour Dues will rise by 5.90% in comparison to 2023.

Special cargo of 83 meters long wind turbine blades through the Amsterdam port area

In July 2023, a very special transport took place in the Amsterdam port area. With the help of a convoy of trucks, wind turbine blades with a total transport length of about 95 meters per truck were transported. Quite a challenge, but it ran smoothly thanks to the collaboration between TMA Logistics, Van der Vlist and Port of Amsterdam.

Extension of berths Surinamekade by approximately 40 metres

It was pointed out to us by a skipper that the beginning of the berth on the Surinamekade did not match the bollards on the quay.