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  • News item 06-10-2021
    Hydrogen Hub Amsterdam-North Sea Canal Area launched at World Hydrogen Congress
    In the presence of a large international group of frontrunners in the field of the hydrogen economy, alderman Victor Everhardt of Economic Affairs of the Municipality of Amsterdam launched the Hydrogen Hub at the World Hydrogen Congress.
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  • News item 14-09-2021
    Documentary 'Hydrogen, our new energy?' on National Geographic
    Hydrogen will play an important role in our future energy system. In the documentary 'Hydrogen, our new energy', presenter Anic van Damme goes on a voyage of discovery into the status of hydrogen in the Netherlands. What is already possible? What challenges and solutions are there?
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  • Press release 02-06-2021
    Creation ‘HyXchange’ hydrogen exchange a step closer
    The growing demand for climate-neutral hydrogen creates the necessity for the market to work properly and for transparent, efficient pricing. A hydrogen exchange will be able to facilitate both. The new hydrogen exchange will be called HyXchange.
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  • News item 19-04-2021
    Setting the course for the Netherlands Hydrogenland now
    With less than 100 days to go until the postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo, the leaders of Nederland Waterstofland are seizing the moment to draw attention to the strength of the Netherlands as a hydrogen country.
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  • Press release 16-03-2021
    H2Gate: towards transhipment of 1 million tons of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port
    Port of Amsterdam and tank storage company Evos aim to import large volumes of green hydrogen into the Amsterdam port. Together with three specialised hydrogen companies, will investigate the feasibility of large scale imports, drawing up a blueprint and outlining a roadmap towards 2030 and beyond. The five parties expect hydrogen to play a central role in the transition to a sustainable energy system. This transition is necessary if we are to meet the European target of becoming climate-neutral by 2050.
    The Amsterdam port area is well positioned to play an important role in this transition.
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  • News item 01-03-2021
    First hydrogen filling station opened in Amsterdam port
    The first hydrogen filling station in the port of Amsterdam opened today. The filling station of OrangeGas is located at the Australiëhavenweg, along the A5 motorway and is open 24/7.
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  • News item 12-01-2021
    Missie H2 in the port of Amsterdam
    Olympic rowing stars Ilse Paulis and Marieke Keijser on a visit to the Amsterdam port
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