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Windpark Fryslân: world’s largest shallow water windfarm

Blades, towers, hubs: all kinds of wind turbine parts have recently been transported via the port of Amsterdam to the construction site of the Netherlands' largest shallow water windfarm: Windpark Fryslân. In October, the last turbine left the TMA Logistics terminal in the Amerikahaven. The windfarm - of 89 turbines in total - is now completely finished.
Wind B.V. en TKF brengen wind aan wal

WIND B.V. and TKF take wind power onshore

Every turbine in a wind farm has its own cables to transport offshore wind power ashore, and the miles and miles of cables required by the Fryslân wind farm are manufactured by TKF. WIND B.V. is in charge of logistics.
Michael van Toledo TMA Logistics

TMA Logistics & the logistics for Wind Farm Fryslân

If you want to know all about containers, cargo transhipment, intermodal transport you need look no further than TMA Logistics. And offshore wind projects are nothing new to the company either.
Bert Korbeeck, Algemeen directeur Wesco IJmuiden

Wesco IJmuiden is lending a helping hand with Wind Farm Fryslân

With no fewer than 89 platforms, Wind Farm Fryslân will be supplying hundreds of thousands of households with green energy. Construction is in full swing.
Windpark Fryslân

Building a wind farm: power for everyone

In a series of four interviews, we share everything about our views on building wind farms on the water. The first to speak: Joris Hol, project leader at Wind Farm Fryslân.